Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - February 10, 2012

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)
Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)
Jonathan Karl
Stephanie Cutter
Nicolle Wallace
Stephanopoulos: OMG it snowed in Boston!

Audience: gahwd

Stephanopoulos: what about the
State of the Union Address?

Karl: it will be about jobs, the middle class,
guns and solar panels

Stephanopoulos: ever since Obama won
re-election he's become an arrogant bastard

Karl: Obama will call for cutting
entitlements by arguring they crowd out
spending on education and other
things hippies like

Ellison: we will invite victims of
gun violence to the Capitol

Stephanopoulos: can they bring their guns?

Ellison: No

Cole: we may be able to get a law
requiring background checks on
mental health – but no national registry
or any limits on the right to buy a gun

Stephanopoulos: then what's the point
of the background check?

Cole: we just want to know who in
America is crazy and not already in Congress

Ellison: even NRA members
want background checks!

Stephanopoulos: Obama is not as popular
as Ronald Reagan or Honey Boo Boo

Cutter: Obama can finally tell the whole
nation we need to make tough choices

Wallace: Obama gave a mean nasty
combative Inaugural Address and
Republicans are finally ready to stop
being so nice and accomodating to Obama

Karl: ha ha

Wallace: Marco Rubio will engage in
an epic battle of idea by also saying
he loves the middle class

Cutter: the inaugural address was a
bunch of popular and necessary ideas

Stephanopoulos: people don't care
about guns or climate change

Stephanopoulos: the sequester was
considered totally unacceptable
so of course now it will happen

Cole: the sequester was all Obama's idea
and he won't offer an alternative

Stephanopoulos: you are not willing
to compromise at all

Cole: true because that would
mean compromising

Ellison: dude you voted for
sequester and I voted against it

Cole: Ralph you can use facts 
to prove anything

Ellison: the sequester will put 600,000
people out of work, raise the debt,
hurt businesses, and increase uncertainty

Cole: a small price to pay for cutting the debt

Ellison: it will increase the debt!
Cole: a small price to pay

Karl: there is no chance of a deal
at all because the GOP loves the
sequester because they are finally
getting spending cuts after all these years

Wallace: the American people are
sick of big spending in Washington
even the Pentagon!

Karl: amazingly even Republicans
admit the defense budget can be cut

Wallace: that's true as long as we
have enough guns

Stephanopoulos: but won't sequester
cause a recession?

Cutter: yes - it's insane

Stephanopoulos: what's Obama's plan?

Cutter: he proposed a budget plan
two years ago – it's balanced

Cole: Obama does not have a
proposal on the table

Cutter: yes he does

Cole: no he doesn't

Ellison: this will cops firefighters
and teachers to lose their jobs

Cutter: no sane person wants these
cuts to actually happen

Cole: I do

Cutter: 10,000 teachers will lose their jobs

Wallace: stop crying you crybabies

Stephanopoulos: also the U.S.
Government is about to run out of money

Karl: that's the real battle – should
we even have a government??

Stephanopoulos: Who is the Republican
savior – Marco Rubio, Rand Paul
or Bobby Jindal?

Cole: Republicans did really
well in 2012 elections!

Stephanopoulos: well not really

Cole: we have to stop being
the Party of Morons and become
the Party of Dead Rap Stars

Wallace: Marco Rubio knows
George H.W. Bush and he is is a working dad
who is also in touch with Tupac

Ellison: I don't care if he wrote  
Ambitionz as a Ridah

Wallace: Obama stole his immigration
plan from Rubio

Cole: Rubio is leading at great
risk to himself – Obama is not leading!

Cutter: that's another lie

Cole: nevertheless

Cutter: will the GOP endorse
Rubio's brave immigration bill?

Cole: don't talk crazy

Stephanopoulos: is Chris Christie
too fat to be President?

Karl: Chris Christie is the greatest
Governor in America

Stephanopoulos: true

Karl: but he should lose weight –
he could America's next
adorable biggest loser

Wallace: he should stop yelling at
people to shut up – that sort of thing
may fly in New Jersey but not in
Washington where people say
they respect you then stab you in the back

Stephanopoulos: but not literally

Wallce: well no

Stephanopoulos: so it's even more
different from New Jersey

Wallace: touche George

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