Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - November 13, 2011

Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA)
Christine Brennan
George Will
Donna Brazile
Jonathan Karl
Dana Loesch
Amanpour: Good morning - the big news
this morning is Rick Perry did not make a
fool of himself last night

Karl: of course Rick Perry was invited on
every tv show after

Cain: Anita Hill may endorse me ha ha

Gingrich: what businesses will pay for our parks?

Romney: who do I have to harass to lead
in the polls?

Amanpour: Governor why did Penn State
cover up child rape for so long?

Corbett: I have appointed a commission to
help the University move on from this

Amanpour: ok but why didn’t they call the
police instead of sweeping it under the rug?

Corbett: I have no idea Christiane

Amanpour: will Joe Paterno be prosecuted?

Corbett: Just because he hasn’t been charged
yet doesn’t me he should relax

Amanpour: why didn’t McQueery stop a
child rape or I don’t know - call the cops

Corbett: excellent question

Amanpour: Should Paterno have taken
some responsibility?

Corbett: ask him

Amanpour: I’m asking you if adults should
cover up child rape

Corbett: I’m going to say no on that one

[ break ]

Amanpour: Is this evidence of how powerful
college football is?

Brennan: damm right - you can’t oppose
Joe fucking Paterno

Amanpour: McQueary didn’t call the cops
about a child rape?

Brennan: he probably thought he was being
heroic by going to Paterno’s house on his day off

Amanpour: that’s amazing

Brennan: the President of Penn State read
the grand jury report about child rape and
called it groundless

Amanpour: crickey

Brennan: half of Pennsylvania knew

Amanpour: so will this happen again?

Brennan: it will unless a lot changes

Amanpour: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Will: a multi-billion dollar entertainment
industry grafted onto higher education
leads to moral derangement

Amanpour: interesting

Will: we need to know whether knew
about rape or only fondling

Brazile: oh come - beat the shit out of that guy!

Loesch: at least physically stop it

Karl: cancel the football season!

Amanpour: the audience at a GOP debate
booed questions about sex harassment

Karl: in his defense he doesn’t want to
talk about it

Will: Republicans say character matters -
well we shall see

Brazile: four women is a pattern

Will: my wife is in charge of Rick Perry’s
debate preparation

Amanpour: do you think the man who just
hired your wife will win?

Will: yes because we all know Obama is gaffe-prone

Loesch: Perry looks smart now because he went
on David Letterman

Karl: let me clue you in - Perry is finished

Amanpour: Newt is gaining - what is going on?

Brazile: he’s attacking the media - you can’t
go wrong with that

Will: also he’s a jerk and people like that

Amanpour: will the SuperCommitte cut $1 trillion?

McConnell: Obama planned the Super Committee
to fail to make me look stupid

Brazile: he doesn’t need Obama’s help for that

Will: the Democrats keep saying no to GOP offers
to raise taxes on the rich

Loesch: we must cut entitlements!

Karl: who really thinks that those automatic
cuts will happen

Will: Harry Reid and Obama at fighting
and I love it

Karl: the GOP are such wonderful generous
people Donna

Amampour: but this election on Tuesday
was not good for conservatives

Karl: no the election was bad for liberals!

Amanpour: Obama is leading in Ohio

Will: the GOP need to carry uneducated
white people

Brazile: we’re all trying to reach out to those
loveable rednecks

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