Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week with George Stephanopoulos with Hillary Clinton - November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Rudy Giuliani
Stephanopoulos: Obama invaded Afghanistan but can we really win there?

Clinton: George you can be sure if Obama wants to conquer Afghanistan he’s going to damm well do it

Stephanopoulos: Ambassador Eikenberry says more troops will hurt the effort

Clinton: we’re going to defeat al-qaeda dammit!

Stephanopoulos: didn’t we do that already?

Clinton: yes but they’re very wily - they have
ties to the unsavory elements of the indigenous people there

Stephanopoulos: Hamid Karzai?

Clinton: The Taliban

Stephanopoulos: Karzai is pretty corrupt isn’t he?

Clinton: it’s ok we’re going to get a Official Certification that he’s only to spend money
in a non-corrupt and totally ethical way

Stephanopoulos: you can’t even get that
in New Jersey!

Clinton: we need to find an off-ramp out of there

Stephanopoulos: it looks like we got lost
and drove into another country

Clinton: Pakistan is a theatre

Stephanopoulos: Kabuki?

Clinton: Improv

Stephanopoulos: Saint Giuliani of 9/11 says the American justice system sucks

Clinton: well he was US Attorney from NYC so
he would know

Stephanopoulos: seriously?

Clinton: no you twerp

Stephanopoulos: can you find nice homes for all the Gitmo detainees who turned out to be innocent

Clinton: we’re going to get them low-rate mortgages

Stephanopoulos: Sarah Palin wants to a coffee
date with you

Clinton: I’d love to meet her and find out how her brain works

Stephanopoulos: are you running for Governor
of New York?

Clinton: ha - I’m already Secretary of State
for god’s sake

[ break]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Saint Rudy - are you running for Governor?

Giuliani: yes - I plan to lose to Andrew Cuomo
next year

Stephanopoulos: you praised federal trials for terrorists before the GOP went full-in crazy

Giuliani: oh no no but you see a fair trial will take too long - plus there is a risk that they might be found not guilty and we can’t take that chance

Stephanopoulos: ah

Giuliani: also this sends a wrong message - that
we are not at war with random crazy people everywhere like Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and U.S. Army Major Hasan

Stephanopoulos: are you saying Major Hasan was a foreign soldier who declared war on the U.S.?

Giuliani: yes - he had novelty business cards that said “Soldier of God”!

Stephanopoulos: to be fair Mike Huckabee
has those too