Sunday, November 08, 2009

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - November 8, 2009

This Week with George Stephanopoulos
November 8, 2009
Tim Kaine
Michael Steele
Stephanopoulos: hi did you bring any kids
or props today

Kaine: who do I look like Carrot Top?

Steele: [ waves foam finger ] it’s off the hook!

Stephanopoulos: Last night the House passed a health care billt

Kaine: Teddy Roosevelt wanted this bill and he was a big white hunting Republican

Steele: the problem with this bill is that is gives the government power and the U.S. government is evil

Kaine: ok

Steele: it’s a trick to debate late on a Saturday night - I mean we Republicans were all watching
Taylor Swift on NBC!

Kaine: we had months of debate idiot

Steele: no not really - we sent Obama a letter in April telling him to adopt GOP ideas and we never heard back from him

Kaine: are you sure you sent it to the White House?

Steele: we addressed it to “That Kenyan-Muslim Usurper, The Reagan House, Pennsylvania avenue”

Steph: are you the party of “No”

Steele: No

Steph: ok

Stephanopoulos: are Democrats doomed with independents?

Kaine: yeah sure good luck with that
argument Stephy

Steele: People voted for Chris Christie because they wanted to vote against Democrats in Washington

Kaine: sure they did

Steele: Boeher will be speaker of the house

Kaine: yikes

Stephanopoulos: hey I bought this suit at JC Pennys

Kaine: this year we’ve picked up two senate seats and two house seats

Steele: true - but Obama is still black

Stephanopoulos: so are you

Steele: [ SPIT TAKE ]
holy shit!

Steph: not again

Kaine: we’re creating stimulus jobs

Steele: that’s a government contract - not a real job

Lockheed Martin: damm right!

Stephanopoulos: you lost the NY-23 district

Steele: no the conservative won that seat
two years from now

Stephanopoulos: um what

Steele: we have a future victory

Kaine: they lost the seat they held since 1870 because Sarah Palin is idiot and the GOP is imploding

Steele: There’s a 2,000 pound baby on the railroad tracks of progress

Stephanopoulos: okay then

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