Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Week with George Stephanolopous with Barack Obama - September 20, 2009

This Week with George Stephanolopous
September 20, 2009
Guest: President Barack Obama
Stephanolopous: are you going to raise taxes on middle class families?

Obama: the blood sucking insurers already impose their own vampire tax on every American!

Stephanolopous: that is true but-

Obama: we’re going to cover everyone and not add to the deficit

Stephanolopous: how?

Obama: I’m going to nuke Maine and Montana

Stephanolopous: but the higher taxes!

Obama: we’re going to set up a pool for health care exchange with tax credits and make people have health insurance

Stephanolopous: that’s a tax increase!

Obama: no it isn’t

Stephanolopous: yes it is!

Obama: hey dipshit no one can opt-out health care in the ER so we all bear that cost

Stephanolopous: but Merriam-Webster!

Obama: you’re so fucking desperate to call it a tax increase you ran to the dictionary like a big baby

Stephanolopous: but your critics say-

Obama: -say I’m motherfucking Hitler and Stalin Mao and Kanye West all in one - who gives a fuck?!?

Stephanolopous: will you cut Medicare Advantage?

Obama: only for white people

Stephanolopous: are you very angry for Jimmy Carter saying there are racists when we all know racism is gone forever?

Obama: look idiot I know there are lot of racists and fools out there but I think even racists will take health care from a black man when they’re dying!

Stephanolopous: people are terrified you impose a White Person Tax

Obama: by the time my Presidency is done I’m going to get the Teabaggers join the fucking NAACP they’re going to love black people so much!

Stephanolopous: so you don’t hate your critics?

Obama: no we all love America and are all patriots

Stephanolopous: [ puts flag pin on forehead ]

Obama: nice flag dood

Stephanolopous: will you cut off funding for ACORN?

Obama: oh for pete’s sake - what a weasel you are

Stephanolopous: but ACORN-

Obama: no one gives a shit but Fox News asshole

Stephanolopous: ok Afghanistan

Obama: finally a real question

Stephanolopous: how do we win?

Obama: we’re going to crack some fucking skulls

Stephanolopous: tell me about when you realized you are a terrible president

Obama: not to be immodest but there have been times when I realized that I am a little too awesome

Stephanolopous: that must be hard

Obama: of course it’s hard to break through all the Nazi-talk

Stephanolopous: what do you mean

Obama: it’s easy to get on tv if you are rude and stupid

Stephanolopous: that’s not a nice thing to say about Charlie Gibson

Obama: fuck him

Stephanolopous: thanks for talking to me

Obama: shithead



hrs said...

Your degrading comments on today's This Week with George Stephanolopous are despicable.

Anonymous said...

Despicably *hilarious*, that is!

Xavier Mertz said...


"Obama: no the real controversy is helping people and not purposefully killing them."

To do something purposely is to do it deliberately or on purpose: Please don't move those books, I put them there purposely.

While to do something purposefully is to do it with determination: "Right you naughty children, here I come!" he said, and strode purposefully into their room.

Hope this doesn't offend.

Kindest regards,

Xavier Mertz

Lil said...

Ok I watched Snuffy today and this is **exactly** what they said.