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Meet the Press with Joe Lieberman and John Kerry - August 3, 2007

Meet The Press
August 3, 2008
Host: Tom Brokaw
Sen. John Kerry
Sen. Joe Lieberman
Brokaw: So holy Joe Saint McCain says we should have a respectful campaign but then we have an ad with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton - is that respectful?

Lieberman: oh it's definitely respectful - but if it isn't people should lie back and relax enjoy it - but we compare him to Moses which is a compliment - but if it isn't then people should get a sense of humor

Brokaw: ok that's stupid

Lieberman: but this is a very very serious the ad goes to a very specific point - which is that Obama is popular in Germany and other countries and we can't have that in an international war against terror

Brokaw: it seems like a stupid cheap mudslinging ad

Lieberman: no it has a very serious point - by having Britney Spears in it it shows that Obama is not in favor of offshore drilling!!

Kerry: they have decided they can't win on the issues so they've decided to take the low road of silly insults

Lieberman: no it's an ad that says we must elevate America's values by not electing a popular black man

Brokaw: Obama played the race card and you know it - that's what the dollar bill comment was

Kerry: no he said they are scaring the American people which McCain and Rove are doing

Lieberman: look it's obvious -- how can a man who commands crowds of 200,000 lead people?

Brokaw: but Wes Clark said being in a plane as it falls out of the sky is not a qualification for President

Kerry: well of course i disagree

Lieberman: McCain obeys the law of gravity whereas Obama floats above the earth - how can you trust him??

Brokaw: Obama flip-flopped on offshore drilling the liberal bloggers are gonna be mad!!

Kerry: it's a carefully circumcised proposal

Lieberman: ouch!

Kerry: Exxon made a trillion dollars last month

Lieberman: that's outrageous - but the point is that we are in a crisis and McCain has strength of decision -- he will rapidly make crazy-ass decisions while Obama will think about and use evidence and that will tell you what kind of President they both will be

Kerry: that's right McCain is an irrational whacko and Obama thinks carefully

Liberman: but that's American oil!!!

Obama is a bad man and i know John McCain and he is not a bigot

Kerry: high praise indeed from Holy Joe

Brokaw: Is John McCain Stupid?

Lieberman: McCain is all Male - believe me I know

Brokaw: he's lying and running an inept campaign

Lieberman: here's why I'm voting for him - he is not a partisan and he's really really old

Lieberman: he may raise taxes but he will break through partisan gridlock by running ads comparing his opponents to David Cook and Reese Witherspoon

Brokaw: admit it Frenchy the Surge worked

Kerry: no there were no surge troops until after the Anbar Awkening

Brokaw: well I will editorialize here now and disagree with you

Lieberman: John Kerry clearly hate the troops

Kerry: Maliki wants us to leave

Lieberman: no he doesn't

Brokaw: who can say?

Kerry: Obama was right about everything

Lieberman: Obama wants us to lose the war

Kerry: there's no political reconciliation

Lieberove: yes there is

Brokaw: that's right

Lieberman: Let me just say Obama doesn't care if we lose the war - also I hate mudslinging

[ break ]

Brokaw: how great was that Paris Hilton ad?

Murphy: it's incredibly stupid

Brokaw: is McCain fucked?

Murphy: no one will care about Obama's better makeup and mascara they will turn to a genuine dude like McCain

Todd: hitting Obama as a soft effete elitist is brilliant

Brokaw: no downside?

Todd: McCain wants to be Obama-lite and he isn't that

Brokaw: on noe

Todd: you can attack Obama for being ignorant and saying empty platitudes -- but that's what McCain does too!

Brokaw: so what's the lesson?

Todd: that the real election this year was between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Brokaw: How will Bill Clinton help Obama win?

Todd: by going to Africa

Woodruff: vice president - blah blah blah

Brokaw: Obama said he wants someone with integrity

Woodruff: well that rules out most of Washington

Brokaw: could it be Kaine?

Mitchell: yes but he once had a beard

Brokaw: just like lindsay graham

Mitchell: if Bill Clinton sticks around he overshadows Obama but if he's not around it shows disdain

Todd: choosing an elder statesman makes the candidate looks bad

Mitchell: Biden was not invited to Obama's birthday party because he hogs all the attention

Woodruff: criminy Spiro Agnew was on a ticket that won Obama could choose Ted Kascynzski and still win

Brokaw: actually it would help him carry Montana

Murphy: McCain is weak on defense so he should choose someone young and exciting like Bob Gates

Woodruff: speaking of vice president Obama flip flopped on drilling offshore

Todd: People will not give up their gas!!!

Mitchell: Alan Greenspan told me told me the unwashed masses are feeling it

Murphy: experts differ on whether drilling would bring down prices but the people love it

Brokaw: The Conventions!

Todd: Hagel and Clinton - there's a double header!

Mitchell: Lieberman can carry the jews of Florida when he speaks at the Convention

Brokaw: I’m bored give me your vice president picks

Woodruff: Bayh or Biden

Todd: Kaine or Bayh

Mitchell: Romeny

Murphy: Kaine

Woodfurff: Pawlenty or Kantor

Brokaw: oarsome

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