Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - August 24, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
August 24, 2008

Ron Allen: Obama has a problem with old white men

Katty Kay: Biden is effective and he and he does it with humor

Tweety: the Velvet Revolver!

Cynthia Cottle: he’s ‘Joey from Scranton’

Chris: ‘Joey’ i love it

Kay: he's teh Kangaroo Kandidate

Stengel: when he puts his arm around the skinny white elitist its very American

Allen: his message to racist whites is calm the fuck down i know he looks funny but Barack Obama is one of us

Kay: but most Americans see the 30-year senator as an insider

Chris: no he's like me and Tim Russert we're all just a bunch of blue-collar workers

Kay: i'm suspicious

Chris: I've never seen him at one of Sally Quinn's key parties

Stengel: i love those

Chris: how does Obama remain Britney and also maintain the ‘wow factor’ and connect with the gas prices crowd

Stengel: Let Obama be Britney!

Chris: but McCain is the rich one

Allen: no no no Obama is the elitist i got the memo this morning!!!!

Chris: [ looks down ]

I see you are correct - today's memo says he is too cerebral to lead the largest nation on earth

Allen: I'm amazed that the elitist tag has stuck

Chris: Sally is very good

Stengel: Obama is fucked - his convention will go very well which will show how he is too popular

Chris: Let's talk about Bill Clinton!!

wow they all have prime time speaking roles let's talk about Jib Jab!!

Tweety: wow she is still calling him 'my opponent'

Allen: Real hillary supporters - real people - are still angry

Kay: it's still about her

Stengel: it's obama's fault for not vetting her

Chris: yes her supporters would be mollified by a symbolic token kabuki vetting

Cottle: her supporters are furious and want a day in the sun - also for Obama to graciously step aside in Denver

Chris: and that would satisfy them

Cottle: actually no

Kay: Obama is worried about such a flood of donations it will kill the internet

Tweety: yeah McCain has a problem too he has to take ten jars of heavy pennies to the bank

Cottle: picking Biden means McCain has to choose Romney not some dumbass like Huckabee

Stengel: ‘Time’ is having some crappy debate about national service like that will solve all our problems

Tweety: i love it - something no one can object to!!

Chris: GOP VP!!??

Kay: Romney for the economy

Allen: he has to think outside the box and choose a moderate like Lieberman

Stengel: he needs to choose a disruptive choice like a non-box thinking dude

Tweety: Brilliant!

Tweety: Thank god 4 Birch Bayh and title IX so our pretty ladies and beat up the world's pretty ladies!


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