Sunday, March 18, 2007

Meet The Press Not A Transcript

Slestak: i've landed on an aircraft carriers for real unlike some presidents i could mention

Delay: wow dood you were in the indian ocean did you run into chief crazy horse

Slestak: dood with all due respect which is to say zero Osama is not in Iraq

delay: look we have to listen to teh terrorists and do whatever they say terrorist are like car keys we have to look for them where the light is better

Slestak: dood your on drugs

Delay: were at war with indonesia europe and everyone lets not surrender

Slestak: yea but-

Delay: look dood this is meet the press only wingnuts get to talk so here i go

Perle: kill! kill! kill! kill!

Slestak: oh my god your are fucking crazy

Perle: dood your not even giving failure a chance its only been four years

Andrews: hey dood i'd rather take military advice from the Admiral that fucking draft dodging coward like Tom Delay

Delay: the iraqis are like pets we have to take care of them we can never leave until the entire middle east is stable

Russert: whew and here I was worried

Sestak: this is about america not so you can feel like a big man

Delay: surrender surrender wow i so brave

Perle: This is all about the people of iraq heh heh i so full of shit

Andrews: yeah what a great idea young Americans dying for some fucking civil war

Perle: 'redeploy' is a just another word for surrender and you know it

Sestak: oh you just got personal which for someone like you is not a good idea

Russert you're all total fuckups what's up with that

Delay: i'm frustated we haven't killed enough people it's true

Paul Harvey: don't drag me into this slimeball

Delay: i recall when i played poker with Saddam every week before the war he told me with enough chlorine "i will rule the world" i said Saddam calm down and pass the cheese dip

Timmy: what would happen if we left immediately or within a year you know much too soon

Andrews: gee i don't know maybe kids would stop dying

Perle: in my defense i never thought there would be a five year occupation so I was wrong so that means I was right

Timmy: okay i follow

Perle: Gore was with me ok i'm lying but it's all I got

Timmy: so anything but lies?

Perle: Saddam was going to give a nuke to terrorists no really that's all i got

Delay: after a war starts we should never have people protesting my god they even considered impeaching teh president the nerve

Sestak: after the show i'd like step outside and aid and abet a can of whoop-ass on this guy

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