Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not An Exact Transcript - Chris Matthews

Tweety: cancer is the way we die in teh USA well maybe not tom delay that will be insecticide

Borger: he had me at incurable

White Afro: Hillary can't go after him now

Tweety: Bill and Hill hate Obama

Healy: They think teh media is down with Barack

Tweety: i luv to say Hillary is really angry

Borger: they're whiny

Noron: Page 294 of Audacity of Hope is a good read it's really audacious and bodacious

Healy: I asked Hillary about civil war and she said Gettysburg was teh bomb

Tweety: its ingenuity heh Hillary's a fascist

Norah: year it's about money

Tweety: it's an outrage that we're spreading democracy and still Hillary is allowed to run!

Panel: Gore will run he looked sporty wearing a checked shirt yeah still caring about his clothes

Tweety: Hillary is evil

Healy: i haven't measured his waistline i think Judith Miller is on top of that story

Casey Stengel: Clintons always stoop low

Tweety: he's gonna get beaten by teh Clintons again i luv to say that even though that never happened

Tweety: I luv Rin Tin Tin better a good german that a scary lassie

Tweety: Dems fear Rove

Borger: He's like Vader a Sith Lord

Noron: Ha ha ha ha

Casey: Perry Mason was fat tit for tat Dems are petty

Noron: Dems have to be careful god forbid someone expose Rove's evilness

WhiteAfro: They're mad cause Dick told them to fuck off well now it's payback time

Tweety: Dems puzzle me they're so weird with all this ethics and stuff

Norah: if not Abu then who?

Tweety: They will be sympathy if they trash him hispanics do they jobs white people won't do like subverting justice

Norah: Dems are bad

Stengel: Penatgon is wasting money to be spent saving lives

Healy: Gore and Tipper are having a lot of fun they don't want to run

Tweety: Hillary is Madame Defarge hey cool i got one more slur into the show

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