Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not An Exact Transcript - This Week

Will: John Edwards, it's gallantry

Donaldson: there will be people who will say Edwards was wrong i luv to use the unnamed passive voice it makes me feel lordly

Cokie: jeebus christ it's nobody's business

Will: Lincoln lost a child

Donaldson: yes and *some people* not me of course would say that looks like carelessness

Steph: what about sympathy

Donaldson: look dammit the voters will hate him for this not me of course other people lesser Americans than me

McCain: The people voter in November for blind support for Bush

Cokie: holy cow he's nucking futs

Will: no this is very bad for the Democrats of course they are right but they are invested in failure when a good mutual fund is better

Sam: Arr! Grr!

Cokie: No this is very bad for Dems they're a bunch of antiwar losers who lost after 1974

Steph: except for 1976

Cokie: oh fuck you i repeating received wisdom as you well know
Steph: Democracy in DC yes or no

Cokie: it is weird that there is no democracy in the capitol of the USA but there are too many whites in the GOP

Sam: don't kid yourself they will never let DC residents vote

Will: I'm churlish i suppose but if we lets DC residents vote that means they can establish a religion which we know Republicans hate

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