Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not An Exact Transcript!

karl rove: jesus I'm the good guy here I could have fired all of them but I was too busy destroying the CIA

Blankley: there's nothing to see here after all Reagan did it so it must have been right.

Gregory: dood that's a head scratcher

Blankely: oh fuck it I admit it Gonzalez is teh Freddo of this crowd now we need a rowboat

Blankely: dood i was Newt's press secretary so believe i know how to handle lying and scandal cover-ups

Gregory: hmmm interesting whats up with your hair

Blankman: its spray on heh these guys are all dumb fucks

Gregory: my hair totally rulez

Blankman: Schumer is deeply insincere but I will say they could face the ultimate sanction that is apologize and get promoted

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