Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meet The Press – November 13, 2016

Rep. Keith Ellison – (D-MN)
Sen. Cory Booker – (D-NJ)
Kellyanne Conway – Trump campaign
Katty Kay
David Brooks
Nina Turner
High Hewitt

Todd: omg we're a nation divided

Todd: Hillary is still winning the popular vote

Todd: she says James Comey 
turned the election!

Todd: regardless the GOP now 
controls the government

Todd: why were the polls so wrong?

Todd: Americans voted for change yet again

Todd: the Rust Belt went from blue to red

Todd: like Reagan and Obama –
Trump won blue collar workers

Todd: the Obama coalition didn't turn out!

Todd: Trump won farmers by a lot

Todd: also Clinton never had a Big Idea

Todd: Clinton focused on the fact
that Trump is a disgusting racist asshole

Trump voter: its a return to family values!

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Kelly anne

Conway: thanks Ted

Todd: last week Paul Ryan
was running away from Trump

Todd: now he loves him

Todd: how did you win?

Conway: we created a Cult of Personality

Todd: that checks out

Conway: we need to listen to the voters!

Todd: does Trump have to 
spend time in Blue America

Conway: Ted he won blue states!

Todd: but doesn't he have to
talk to voters who disagree with him

Conway: we disagree with the Republicans
who didn't back him - those damn traitors

Todd: who is going to be Chief of Staff?

Conway: don't worry Steve Bannon 
will have a big role

Todd: oh great

Conway: he was The General

Todd: impressive

Conway: he's not a nut – he's good man
who used to work at Goldman Sachs

Todd: well make up your mind

Conway: only ten people 
worked on the campaign

Todd: jesus

Conway: this is a mandate!

Todd: you lost the popular vote

Conway: only because of NYC 
and LA and Chicago

Todd: those are all parts of America

Conway: fuck you Todd – we won

Todd: okay okay

Conway: the Donald has put out
an agenda we can all see

Todd: he did?

Conway: yes his health care
plan is all out in the open

Todd: no it isn't

Conway: it could be

Todd: did James Comey swing the election?

Conway: I can't believe Clinton
isn't blaming herself

Todd: yes it's unfathomable

Conway: they are out of touch 
of the cultural zeitgeist

Todd: I see

Conway: they are out of touch with 
the connective tissue of America

Todd: thanks for coming Kelly

[ break ]

Todd: welcome to the show Cory

Booker: great to be here Tad

Todd: what was the message of the voters?

Booker: both parties shouldn't feel great

Todd: probably not

Booker: Clinton lost the electoral
college and Trump lost the popular vote

Todd: right

Booker: both sides should reach
out and find common ground

Todd: people wanted a disruptor

Booker: people are fearful of a man
who spewed twitter trollish vile hate

Todd: understandable

Booker: people are coming up to me in tears

Todd: golly

Booker: they terrified Trump is going
to force Americans to leave their country

Todd: what about all these protesters 
should they just accept the 
defeat and shut up?

Booker: hey I wouldn't have
the right to vote if not for protesters

Todd: but they're so loud and annoying

Booker: Trump is threatening
to take away people's rights!

Todd: in theory

Booker: I say god bless them!

Todd: woo!

Booker: but also don't indulge in hate

Todd: right

Booker: I was mad when they said
their goal was cripple Obama and
that's true for Trump

Todd: how nice

Booker: my goal is to help people

Todd: good

Booker: let's not lose our honor

Todd: the Obama coalition voted for Trump

Booker: Obama voters didn't vote for
in the New Jersey Governor's race
and guess what – we got Chris Christie

Todd: ouch

Booker: elections have consequences!

Todd: yes they do

Booker: put me in the category 
to fight against DJT agenda

Booker: we've got to keep fighting!

Todd: what about head of DNC?

Booker: we need a committed progressive

Todd: what about Keith Ellison

Booker: he's exciting

Todd: so are you

Booker: if they come after us with
bigotry and hate we will fight back

Todd: all right

Booker: if he governs like he campaigned
it will be a disaster

Todd: that sounds about right

Booker: citizens – we need to resist!

[ break ]

Todd: omg the pundits were 
wrong about everything!

Todd: what happened?

Brooks: 9/11 happened

Todd: that was a while ago

Brooks: look at Brexit –
people are really freaked out

Todd: okay

Brooks: Clinton lost because
she backed off the TPP

Todd: if you say so Brooksie

Brooks: we believe in trade!

Kay: this is like Brexit – people thought
Remain would win and were shocked

Kay: it was a protest vote and
people immediately regretted it

Todd: Sanders would've won

Turner: sure I believe that

Turner: he was speaknig the 
language of the forgotten

Turner: my party did not listen 
to forgotten America

Hewitt: this is a political earthquake!

Hewitt: this is a monumental shift!

Todd: maureen dowd says Obama was
only elected because people hate the Clintons

Turner: this was a change election!

Turner: people are suffering!

Turner: the Bernie or Bust 
movement was real!

Turner: people felt insulted by Chuck Todd

Brooks: I'm guilty of that

Brooks: Trump voters felt moral injury

Kay: skepticism over elites is totally justified

Kay: elites have failed to bring 
back factory jobs

Hewitt: the Donald attracted all the
people in America disappointed with
their own lives which is pretty much everybody

Todd: the Republican party 
owns everything across America!

Todd: they have Congress and 32 state legislatures!

Todd: and now the White House!

Todd: how does the Democratic party
get out of the wilderness?

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Congressman Ellison

Ellison: hi Todd

Todd: do you want to be head of the DNC?

Ellison: darn right I do

Todd: awesome

Ellison: we need to reach out 
to the lunch pail crowd

Todd: Obama voters went for Trump

Ellison: wages have been flat for 40 years

Todd: that's true

Ellison: the American people's lives suck

Ellison: there are two Americas –
just look at Wells Fargo

Ellison: people want a higher minimum wage!

Todd: ok we get it

Ellison: we gotta strengthen the grass roots

Todd: Hillary Clinton is tainted with NAFTA

Ellison: Trump is the one who is tainted

Todd: could be

Ellison: he hates working people!

Todd: likely true

Ellison: he threw out hate and
poison and lost the vote

Todd: in a way

Ellison: he's outrageous!

Todd: please criticize
Hillary Clinton for me

Ellison: screw off Todd

Todd: well I tried

Ellison: we've got to go
right to the people and deliver

Todd: is DNC chair a full time job?

Ellison: we need someone with vision!

Todd: can you do both jobs

Ellison: yes I can!

Todd: okay then

Ellison: we need to reach the little people

Todd: what's a reason why
not to be DNC chair

Ellison: we are the champion 
of working people!

Todd: no you're the party elites
with their fancy tweed jackets
and snobby elbow patches

Ellison: we have talk about closed factories!

Todd: thanks for coming Ralph

[ break ]

Todd: time for Data Dowload!

Todd: did Trump win it or did Clinton lose it?

Todd: the answer is Yes and Yes

Todd: she won more Latinos
but he turned out angry white people

Todd: he won Florida

Todd: but she lost Wisconsin

Todd: she got 240,000 fewer votes than Obama

Todd: Obama voters stayed 
home and that cost her

[ break ]

Todd: boy this election is dividing the nation

Brooks: but we're still America!

Todd: well okay then

Brooks: someday we may be better people

Todd: something to look forward

Hewitt: I agree that one day in
the distant future we will get along

Todd: both sides do it

Kay: will Trump's agenda be Reagan
big spending and tax cuts or 
will it be full-on psychosis?

Turner: what about hope and 
peace and justice?

Turner: children are terrified 
of Trump's racism

Brooks: I'm not worried about his racism

Turner: well you're white

Brooks: I'm more worried
about incompetence

Hewitt: poor Dick Nixon was
brought down by his weird loyalists

Trump: I love me some twitter

Trump: the lousy lying NYT 
is losing subscribers!

Brooks: hey I write for the Times

Brooks: he wakes up
wanting to fight with people

Kay: he will probably start many wars
so let's hope they are fun ones like
the Falklands or the one about Jenkin's ear

Todd: he's already sending out
bizarre contradictory tweets

Hewitt: twitter is addictive but even
the President should restrain himself

Todd: Lindsay Graham wants
Ted Cruz out of the Senate LOL

Hewitt: well why not – everyone would love it

Todd: should Dems block 
all SCOTUS appointments?

Turner: we shouldn't block for no reason

Turner: we need to bring America together

Hewitt: how about Joe Biden 
as head of the DNC?

Turner: a strong strong progressive

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press


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