Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – February 23, 2014

Host: Martha Raddatz
Pierre Thomas
Matt Gutman
Marianna van Zeller
Hamish McDonald
Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX)
David Aguilar
Tom Friedman
Bill Kristol
Farhad Manjoo

Raddatz: wow they caught the
biggest drug dealer in the US!

Audience: Pfizer?

Raddatz: no El Chapo

Thomas: he was crafty and
vicious and innovative

Raddatz: just like Dick Cheney

Thomas: Mexican officials caught
him in a hotel with help from
American intelligence

Raddatz: nice

Thomas: he controlled 80% of 
the drugs in Chicago

Raddatz: wow

Thomas: He escaped from prison
in a laundry basket and underground tunnels

Raddatz: truly living the high life

Thomas: He had unlimited resources
he used UPS and FedEx!

Univision Reporter: this one guy was
responsible for so much death and destruction

Raddatz: what does this arrest 
mean for America?

McCaul: he's the godfather of Mexican
drug cartels – and he's smuggled
lots of drugs to America

Raddatz: amazing

McCaul: it's a great victory for ICE
agents and Mexican drug authorities

Raddatz: should be extradited to the U.S.?

McCaul: yes – no offense to the 
Mexicans but look he's already 
escaped from prison in Mexico

Raddatz: will they send him here?

McCaul: it depends on how weak Obama is

Raddatz: Obama caught him

McCaul: No the President of Mexico got him

Raddatz: you were obsessed 
with him for 10 years

Aguilar: it's a tremendous achievement
they didn't fire a shot

Raddatz: how did you track him for 10 years?

Aguillar: Facebook

Raddatz: what are the secrets
to El Chapo's success?

van Zeller: he turned a tiny operation
into a huge business through innovation

Raddatz: impressive

Zeller: he even bought a submarine
it was a smart investment

Raddatz: why did he focus on Chicago?

Zller: he likes the pizza

Raddatz: why couldn't you
catch him for 10 years?

Aguilar: because the Mexicans weren't up to it

Raddatz: who fills Chapo's void?

Thomas: if the CEO of McDonald's 
disappeared they'd still be flipping burgers

Aguilar: maybe but cops around
the world are celebrating

Raddatz: let's hope so

Raddatz: what's the Olympic update

Gutman: America won a
bronze in bobsled last night!

Raddatz: wooo

Gutman: security has been perfect
and now it's almost over
[ break ]

Raddatz: wow Ukraine is torn
between Russia and the West

McDonald: Ukraine's President
say he is fighting a coup

Raddatz: wow

McDonald: but Parliament 
released his arch rival

Raddatz: wow

McDonald: protesters are in control

Raddatz: oh my

McDonald: the President had a mansion
cars, a galleon and private zoo

Novelist: Kiev is the capital of
ancient Russia – Putin is drinking all night

McDonald: Martha the country
may split into two or three countries

Raddatz: amazing

[ break ] 

Raddatz: welcome “experts”
Tom Friedman and Bill Krisol

Friedman: the good news is the U.S.
didn't invade Ukraine although I do
wish we could've beaten people up anyway

Kristol: the U.S. needs to be more involved!

Raddatz: Russia might be involved
too I suppose – is this a new Cold War

Friedman: no it isn't

Raddatz: bah

Friedman: the world is divided
into three types – unhappy people and
happy people and very unhappy people
Ukraine is all three

Raddatz: but might Russia intervene

Kristol: they always have Martha

Raddatz: ok

Kristol: why does Obama hate
America's victory in the Cold War?

Raddatz: Tom can we do anything in Syria?

Friedman: can you name the head 
of the Syrian opposition?

Raddatz: I can name several!!

Friedman: well I can't

Friedman: the most successful arab spring
was the one where America was least involved

Kristol: Obama abandoned the
pro-Western revolution in Syria!

Raddatz: Bill what is Obama's legacy?

Kristol: the people of the world want
America to interfere with their
countries and Obama hates freedom

Reporter: why is WhatsApp worth $19 billion?

Manjoo: it has 450 million users
who don't pay or even view ads

Reporter: so why is worth more than
American Airlines or Marriott or Xerox?

Manjoo: because volume!

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