Sunday, February 02, 2014

Meet The Press – February 2, 2014

Chuck Todd
Kelly O'Donnell
Gwen Ifill
Rich Lowry
Dennis McDonough (White House 
Chief of Staff)
State Rep. John Wisniewski (D-NJ)
Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)
Bob Gibbs
Tony Dungy
Alan Schwartz

Gregory: Christie is being attacked
but please tell me this is all hype!!

Todd: he keeps throwing his
top people under the bus

Gregory: wise move

Todd: but they will turn on him

Gregory: so mean of them

Todd: he's now trying to save
his Governorship

Gregory: Christie has wisely said
Wildstein was a loser in high school

Ifill: that did not increase people's
faith in Christie's argument

O'Donnell: yesterday Christie
was booed by SuperBowl fans

Gregory: that's harsh

O'Donnell: then Team Christie
went after Wildstein calling
him a weirdo and geek

Gregory: snap

O'Donnell: Wildstein called him a liar

Gregory: this guy scares me

O'Donnell: Wildstein was high up
in the Port Authority – now he
wants them to pay his legal bills

Gregory: please attack Wildstein for me

Lowry: jeez recently you wanted
Christie to be President –
talk about a dizzying fall

Gregory: but but but Christie didn't
actually plan the lane closures

Gibbs: sorry Fluffy but David Wildstein
can destroy Christie

Gregory: noooooo!!!!

Gibbs: the state's biggest paper
says he may have to resign
or be impeached

Goodwin: Christie handled 
Hurricane Sandy so well

Gregory: yes yes yes

Goodwin: but this scandal makes 
him look like a bad manager

Gregory: Obama calls for 
a Year of Action

Obama: time for some action!

Gregory: what happened to health care
and gun control and climate change?

McDonough: the minimum wage
is a big deal to people who benefit

Gregory: what happened to health care
and gun control and climate change?

McDonough: also we're going wire
50,000 schools and hook 20 million
kids to the Internet

Gregory: but he had big ambitions
and now he's given up

McDonough: now he's trying to
help real people and he won't
wait for Congress

Gregory: the President doesn't
get credit for a rescued economy

McDonough: true but we have
keep going forward

Gregory: is the Keystone Pipeline
ready to go forward?

McDonough: not if it impacts the climate

Gregory: the State Dept said it won't

McDonough: but the climate is still
a big deal – look at the drought
in California

Gregory: but what would stop Obama
from approving it now?

McDonough: we're insulating
the decision from politics

Gregory: how are you doing that

McDonough: we're waiting for the EPA

Gregory: what about immigration reform?

McDonough: we can't have a
permanent underclass in America

Gregory: what's one change you
could accept Obamacare?

McDonough: all the GOP want to do is repeal it

Gregory: is the law perfect?

McDonough: no it isn't Fluffy

Gregory: aha!

McDonough: let's help people and
improve the law as needed

Gregory: will the Olympics be safe?

McDonough: maybe

Gregory: is the President a
liability to Democrats?

McDonough: we're going to wire schools!

Gregory: should Democrats 
in Congress campaign 
with the President?

McDonough: I don't give a 
crap what they do

Gregory: is the GOP a party of ideas?

McDonough: yes – all bad ideas

Gregory: would you let your 
kids play football?

McDonough: did you know the
U.S. Army has the best research
on head injuries?

Gregory: Broncos or Seahawks?

McDonough: Broncos

[ break ]

Gregory: some guy at the NAACP
called you a ventriloquist dummy

Scott: they don't know me – I grew up
poor and started my own business

Gregory: impressive

Scott: I'm focused on opportunity

Gregory: Colin Powell said the Republican
party is intolerant – is that right?

Scott: no – the GOP has become
the opportunity party

Gregory: what else

Scott: having a job is a good thing –
conservatives believe in the best
and brightest future

Gregory: the GOP gave four different
responses to the State of the Union
is it a party in total chaos?

Scott: not at all – we're just diverse!

Gregory: is Obamacare here to stay?

Scott: I've voted 40 times
to repeal the law

Gregory: time well spent indeed

Scott: Obamacare eliminated
the 40-hour week

Gregory: I see

Scott: we must eliminate
the medical device tax!

Gregory: go on

Scott: also the law takes $800 billion
out of pockets of small businesses

Gregory: thanks for coming Scott

[ break ]

Gregory: is Obama a dictator?

Goodwin: Lincoln and and FDR
and JFK all used executives orders

Gregory: perhaps

Goodwin: his whole Presidency is
setting in motion long-term
progress on peace and
social justice and equality

Lowry: Obama is exhausted and
weak with petty ideas and
also he's a vicious dictator

Gibbs: he was talking to the
people about doing things for them

Gregory: interesting concept

Gibbs: now the GOP has
to have ideas of their own

Gregory: well they tried
everything else

Ifill: they are only focused
on opposing the President

Gibbs: they can't get away
with that forever

Ifill: conservative Democrats in
oil-rich states want more
oil from Canada

Todd: the State Dept put
Obama is a tough spot on tar sands

Gregory: sounds sticky

Todd: Obama ran on changing
the tone in Washington and he's
clearly given up on that and
historians will write about that

Goodwin: historians will write that
Washington DC was broken and
partisan before he got here

Todd: but he didn't change it!!

Gregory: Maureen Dowd says the
big issue in 2016 will be Monica Lewinsky

Gibbs: LOL where was David Wildstein
when all this was happening?!?

Ifill: Maureen Dowd needs Monica
like a plant needs water
Lowry: Rand Paul was just riffing on Monica
Gregory: well it was a well-planned riff

Lowry: Hillary is not Hope & Change 2.0

Gregory: Clinton v Bush is not change!

Gibbs: people want to see the
candidate articulate an American Vision

[ break ]

Gregory: welcome Assemblyman
what's up with Bridgegate?

Wisniewski: Wildstein says Christie lied

Gregory: you can't believe Wildstein!

Wisniewski: there are definitely
questions about his allegations

Gregory: don't believe him!!

Wisniewski: we're investigating
everything Fluffy

Gregory: do you have any reason
to disbelieve Chris Christie??

Wisniewski: we have a hell of a
lot of questions that have
not been answered

Gregory: what about the federal
investigator – will he shut you down?

Wisniewski: no – we're all working together

Gregory: damn

Wisniewski: we want answers

Gregory: you alleged an
impeachable offense

Wisniewski: using the Bridge for
political revenge is against the
law or it should be

Gregory: but people will say 
anything against poor Chris Christie 
to save themselves

Wisniewski: maybe

Gregory: you're not after Christie?

Wisniewski: no

Gregory: would you like to 
see him stay in office?

Wisniewski: that's up to the idiots
who elected him in the first place

Gregory: don't you have a 
responsibility to get Republicans 
on board your investigation?

Wisniewski: no

Gregory: but you must have proof
that Christie personally ordered the
closing or you will be a partisan failure!

Wisniewski: this isn't about the Governor
it's about known corruption of a state agency

Gregory: but's all about the Governor!!
He's Chris Christie!

Wisniewski: we know someone in
the Governor's inner circle ordered
corruption of a state agency –
we just want to how high the corruption goes

Gregory: thanks for coming

[ break ]
Gregory: full disclosure – my wife
is a lawyer for the NFL and worked
on the concussion settlement

Gregory: a judge rejected this
settlement for being inadequate

Schwartz: these retired players
could develop brain problems in
the future – so who knows how
much will be needed!

Dungy: I had concussions –
players love to play

Gregory: did the NFL cover up head injuries?

Schwartz: Dungy has a conflict
of interest – he could get
$500,000 out of this deal

Gregory: people are worried
about letting their kids play football

Dungy: severe head injuries are down 13%

Gregory: but what if kids 
stop playing football?

Dungy: ACL surgeries are so great 
now a player can tear up his knee 
and be back during the same season

Gregory: that is wonderful

Dungy: kids are even wearing 
mouthpieces now

Gregory: aren't we all mouthpieces now?

Dungy: in a way

Gregory: is football doomed?

Schwartz: no no no –
football will be just fine

Gregory: Alex Smith reported a
concussion and lost his job

Dungy: I never had a player not
tell me about a head injury

Gregory: how would you know?

Dungy: players want to play!

Schwartz: the NFL will someday
have a rule that you can't crush
a child in the head

Gregory: dare to dream

Gregory: who wins the game today?

Dungy: I have faith in Peyton

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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