Sunday, December 29, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – December 29, 2013

Jon Karl
Pierre Thomas
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Stephanopoulos: OMG Ted Cruz stopped
the government in its tracks!

Audience: oooh

Stephanopoulos: Jon Karl loves Ted Cruz

Karl: this has been the Year of Ted Cruz!
He's bigger than the Pope and the
President and he even met Jay Leno

Karl: a lot of people don't like you

Cruz: because I'm so wonderful

Karl: even John McCain called you a wacko bird

Cruz: I'm proud of being a wacko bird!

Karl: he's so wonderful because
he shut down the government over
Obamacare – he spoke all day and all night!

Cruz: I am amazing

Karl: he even read from
Green Eggs and Ham!

Cruz: I am fabulous

Karl: you are the leader of
House Republicans!

Cruz: yes I am

Karl: it's rare to meet a Senator
as wonderful as you are

Cruz: that's true

Karl: then he shut down the government!

Cruz: we are so courageous

Karl: your shutdown failed and backfired

Cruz: not true

Boehner: are you kiddin' me?!?

Karl: I don't care what anyone says –
you are the best ever!
You're runner-up to the Pope!!

Cruz: aw shucks Jon

Karl: was the shutdown a mistake?

Cruz: it was a mistake for Obama
shut down the government

Karl: oh come on

Cruz: Obama shut down the government

Karl: Really Ted? Really?

Cruz: Obama wouldn't compromise!

Karl: there is a Ted Cruz coloring book!

Cruz: that's crazy

Karl: people say Obamacare is
worse than all of WWII

Cruz: that's probably wrong

Karl: can I have your autograph?

Cruz: oh okay

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: OMG Ed Snowden
has been called a patriot and a traitor

Thomas: a mild mannered IT
geek rocked the world

Stephanopoulos: wow

Thomas: he stole NSA secrets
and fled to Russia

Stephanopoulos: oh my

Obama: he's not a patriot

Snowden: you need to decide for yourself

Thomas: OMG our sacred metadata is being collected

Wyden: the NSA lied to the Senate

Rogers: his revelations will lead to terror attacks!

King: al-qaeda is loving it!

Thomas: it's a bonanza for hostile
nations and pisses off our allies

Assange: we will protect Snowden!

Obama: Grrrrrrr

Clarke: the NSA is not reading
e-mails but people think that they are

Obama: just because we can do
something doesn't mean we should it

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