Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – December 15, 2014

Host: Martha Raddatz
Jon Karl
Jeff Zeleny
John Kerry (Sec. of State)
Newt Gingrich
Robert Reich
Ana Navarro
Cokie Roberts
Andrea Elliott

Raddatz: wow I'm in Ho Chi Minh city
formerly known as Saigon

Sheen: oh shit Saigon

Raddatz: the kid dictator of North
Korea killed his own uncle

Kerry: he's ruthless and insecure

Raddatz: snap

Kerry: it's ominous but we need to
engage with North Korea to get
rid of their nukes

Raddatz: what's he like?

Kerry: he's a scared little boy

Raddatz: he arrested his uncle in public

Kerry: like when Saddam Hussein
had people killed in front of everyone

Raddatz: he's sounds crazy

Kerry: that's why we have get China to
work with us to crack down on them

Raddatz: what about the FBI agent
who worked with the CIA
and then disappeared in Iran

Kerry: I can't confirm that

Raddatz: has there been any progress?

Kerry: well you don't see him here do you

Raddatz: has the U.S. abandoned him?

Kerry: not at all – we raise his situation
at every meeting we have with Iran

Raddatz: is he being held by Iran or not?

Kerry: let's just they can help us get him back

Raddatz: thanks

[ break ]

Karl: wow Washington got a budget
done but the tea party is mad at hell!

Zeleny: John Boehner is finally fed
up with the stupidity of the tea party

Boehner: they have no idea 
what they are talking about 
and have no credibility

Ryan: earth to tea party: Barack 
Obama is still the President!

Glenn Beck: John Boehner 
is totally worthless!

Rubio: compromise bad!

Karl: was the GOP burned by the shutdown?

Gingrich: the good news is now we
can focus on how bad Obamacare is

Roberts: ha ha ha I love you so much

Ana Navarro: John Boehner is right –
the tea partiers are nuts!

Reich: the business community got
scared by the shutdown and threat of default

Roberts: it's sad the the tea party
has poisoned the happy cocktail
parties of Washington DC

Navarro: we hate the tea party

Gingrich: OBAMACARE!!

Reich: can we talk about the substance
of the budget deal or just the horse race?

Karl: horse race

Roberts: horse race

Reich: it cut benefits for the poor

Karl: also it does cut the debt enough?

Roberts: yes but it prevents more crises
so we can have a happy christmas 
and and to defense spending which 
is good for the Beltway

Reich: it also hurts the poor

Roberts: true

Karl: is the budget a failure for Obama?

Roberts: no because now Obama
can pivot to immigration

Karl: can we can get immigration reform?

Gingrich: yes

Karl: with a path to citizenship?

Gingrich: no

Navarro: John Boehner looks like
he might want to try this

Roberts: I love compromise

Reich: bullshit – Republicans hate immigrants

Navarro: maybe but some Republicans
realize they need this to save the party

Gingrich: Chris Christie got the Latino vote!

Karl: can he get the GOP nomination

Navarro: yes – if he bullies enough people

Karl: PolitiFact gave it's Lie of the Year 
to Obama for saying if you like your 
plan you can keep it

Reich: who cares – a year from now
Obamacare will be a huge success

Gingrich: 5 million people have lost
their insurance because of Obama –
they will show up to emergency room
and die because they have no health care

Roberts: I don't think that's how it works

Karl: the New York Times covered
the plight of homeless kids in New York City
Andrea you spent over a year on
this amazing piece of journalism

Elliott: she is remarkable but their
circumstances are not so unusual

Karl: there are so many homeless
but we never see them

Elliott: poverty is not as obvious
in the U.S. as in other places

Karl: what is a homeless shelter like?

Elliott: it's crowded, the food is rancid
and there's mold on the walls and mice in the room

Karl: wow

Elliott: this isn't just about this girl or
this family or New York City, there
are millions of homeless people across the nation

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