Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – December 23, 2012

Asa Hutchinson - NRA
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA)

Stephanopoulos: good morning America 
Congress has accomplished nothing 
so of coursethey have gone on vacation

Stephanopoulos: Asa do you really believe that
murderers like schools because guns
are not allowed there?

Hutchinson: yes every school should have
a trained armed guard – who wouldn't want that?

Stephanopoulos: so to prevent school shootings
we need more guns in schools

Hutchinson: yes putting armed guards on
airplanes has proven to be safe and
reasonable and cost-effective approach
do we hate little children?

Stephanopoulos: if we sit next to them on airplanes

Hutchinson: ha

Stephanopoulos: Joe Manchin says we also need
to look at sensible gun regulation and mental health

Hutchinson: we need gun regulations 
which result inmore guns and if 
that doesn't work we should try more guns

Stephanopoulos: I see

Hutchinson: Tim McVeigh used fertilizer - 
should we regulate that?

Stephanopoulos: we do actually

Hutchinson: shit

Stephanopoulos: so are you saying we just
need to arm every American at all times?

Hutchinson: no it should be voluntary

Stephanopoulos: so you wouldn't require
every teacher to carry a gun

Hutchinson: not the ones teaching Braille

Stephanopoulos: you've really though this through

Hutchinson: indeedy

Stephanopoulos: what about regulating
high capacity gun clips or doing background checks

Hutchinson: the problem with passing good laws
is that people then assume the problem is solved
and our kids might be safe which might mean
people might buy fewer guns to protect themselves

Stephanopoulos: so you would oppose a
policy because it's a good idea?

Hutchinson: exactly

Stephanopoulos: some of the families of the
victims want to limit access to guns
- what do you say to them?

Hutchinson: my heart goes to them and
it's sad that their school didn't have more guns

Stephanopoulos: welcome Senators

Klobuchar: this is insane – we can't have armed 
guards at every doorway in every school 
and every movie theatre and church and temple and mall

Stephanopoulos: we could if we had
fewer entrances or maybe armed robots

Klobuchar: how about actually doing
background checks before some lunatic
buys a combat weapon?

Stephanopoulos: it's one approach

Klobuchar: but respect the brave deer hunters!

Isakson: I wrote the background check law
and Amy is right

Stephanopoulos: whoa

Isakson: but banning assault rifles
won't help because of Columbine

Klobuchar: no one needs a damn 
asssult rifle Johnny

Stephanopoulos: President Obama wants to
avoid the fiscal cliff by keeping tax cuts
for poor people making $250,000

Isakson: Obama is right and I weep for John Boehner

Stephanopoulos: ok

Isakson: but we should also cut entitlements

Stephanopoulos: but that's not going to happen is it

Isakson: sadly no [ weeps ]

Stephanopoulos: Amy could you vote 
for those tax cuts?

Klobuchar: we already did!

Stephanopoulos: oooh

Klobuchar: we need more sane House members
like Johnny because middle class people
don't need a big tax hike now

Stephanopoulos: Johnny are we going
to go off the fiscal cliff?

Isakson: no but I worry about
Wall Street's hurt feelings

Stephanopoulos: is former GOP Senator
Chuck Hegel an anti-semite?

Isakson: I love me some John Kerry

Stephanopoulos: Eliot Engel says 
Chuck Hegel hates Israel

Klobuchar: did you know John Kerry
won the purple heart in Vietnam?

Stephanopoulos: but did he bleed enough?

Klobuchar: ha good one George


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