Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - November 18, 2012

Host: Martha Raddatz
Christiane Amanpour
Rep. Carl Levin (D-MI)
Rep. Peter King (D-NY)
Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Raddatz: wow it sounds like there might
be more violence in the middle east

Audience: that's new

Reporter: indeed the Israeli Navy is
bombing Gaza day and night –
also ground troops might invade

Amanpour: Israeli is very pleased with
what they've done so far – but they
are still cocking the trigger

Raddatz: how is the world reacting?

Amanpour: the US is pressuring Egypt
to pressure Hamas to pressure

Raddatz: Carl that's a lot of pressure

Levin: Israel has right to defend itself
from rockets by firing rockets

Raddatz: of course

Levin: Congress should do a touchdown
dance over the success of Iron Dome

King: I am very bipartisan and 
the proof is I love Israel

Raddatz: what's up with the Egyptians?

Levin: Egypt must crack down Hamas
for all these rocket attacks

Raddatz: Let's talk about the most
important thing ever - Benghazi

King: Rice lied – not Condi the other one

Raddatz: David Petraeus said Rice
was not given proper talking points
so will you apologize

King: no because she should have
said the talking points were watered down

Levin: oh for god's sake could the
GOP stop acting like children

Raddatz: but the talking points!

Raddatz: Petreaus had the same
talking points – is he part of the cover up?!

King: Rice provided less than accurate
information about a nighttime mob assault
and/or terrorist attack!

Levin: get a life you ignorant blow hard

Raddatz: what about Petreaus' penis?

King: I love Petreaus and he had always
handled himself with great dignity but I
am Catholic so he had to be fired

Levin: he shouldn't resigned over an affair
he's a hero

Raddatz: but he had s-e-x !

Levin: oh right I forgot – never mind

Raddatz: oh my god – Congres must
prevent the fiscal cliff Congress created!

Raddatz: Nancy can we really make
a deal to prevent the destruction of America

Pelosi: yes but if we don't America
will be wrecked

Raddatz: what are your short-term goals?

Pelosi: prevent giant man-eating
beavers from consumer our larger cities

Raddatz: can Speaker Boehner
really deliver the tea party?

Pelosi: I don't know – they are pretty much insane

Raddatz: would they ever raise taxes?

Pelosi: they would be willing to eliminate
the home mortgage deduction in exchange
for eliminating social security

Raddatz: there's a win-win

Pelosi: also cut funding for education
and free oxygen

Raddatz: should we consider just falling
off the fiscal cliff?

Pelosi: maybe

Raddatz: are you willing to walk away?

Pelosi: I'm not going to walk away
I'm going to win

Raddatz: do you agree with yourself?

Pelosi: yes

Raddatz: awesome

Pelosi: we're all grownups

Raddatz: plus Michelle Bachmann

Pelosi: right

Raddatz: you seemed offended that the
idea you should step aside for someone younger

Pelosi: I was amused it – I get called a 
communist at least ten times a day

Raddatz: thanks for coming


Anonymous said...

Actually, wasn't Nancy Pelosi asked to step aside for someone that was a year older than she? (but has a "Y" chromosome, which makes all the difference)

zuzuzpetals said...

Love Bobble.