Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week on ABC - August 19, 2012

Stephanie Cutter - Obama Campaign
Kevin Madden - Romney Campaign
Tapper: OMG politics is so mean!

Obama: Paul Ryan wants Mitt Romney
to pay 1% in taxes!

Madden: yes but this would give poor
Americans an incentive to invest in the
very trustworthy stock market

Cutter: Romney will raise taxes on the
middle class by $2,000 just to give a
big tax cut to rich people

Tapper: it’s a fair cop

Madden: Obama wants to raise to taxes
on our Job Creators®

Cutter: they are Winkelvoss Twins of employment
-- if those people were Job Creators® they
would have created jobs

Tappen: Obama is very mean to talk about
Romney putting a dog on the roof of his car

Cutter: LOL that was hilarious

Madden: Romney is running a very serious
campaign about coal and Obama is dividing
America talking about his favorite chili

Tapper: I hear you but Romney does lie
pretty much all the tie

Madden: that’s true but Obama is a socialist
appeaser who will turn America over to
the Revered Wright and a bunch of Black Panthers

Tapper: Rudy Giuliani says Joe Biden
isn’t very bright

Cutter: did Bernie Kerik tell him to say that?

Tapper: Biden says Republicans are
gonna put y’all back in chains

Cutten: so what - Romney said Wall Street
was chained and shackled

Tapper: Paul Ryan said he would end
the gutting of Medicare which he and
Obama proposed

Madden: Obama destroyed Medicare
and gave the money to lazy people!

Tapper: nice

Madden: also the GOP bravely guts Medicare
for people under 55

Tapper: Did Mitt Romney kill a steelworker’s wife?

Cutter: no no no not at all - Bain Capital did

Tapper: did Obama kill Osama bin Laden?

Madden: No George Bush did -
Obama had nothing to do with it!

Tapper: thanks for this fascinating
discussion guys


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