Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - August 26, 2012

Jonathan Karl
Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA)
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D-Los Angeles)
Rep. Donna Edwards
Greta Van Susteren
George Will
Mary Matalin
Stephanopoulos: OMG God sent a hurricane
to the GOP convention

Karl: Republicans expect torrential winds,
rain and a little Biblical flood

Stephanopoulos: what is their disaster plan

Karl: they’ve issued everyone one red umbrella

Stephanopoulos: will this affect the convention?

Karl: yes but they are used to it since the
Lord sent another hurricane four years ago

Stephanopoulos: the Almighty is persistent

McDonnell: The Party of Abraham defeats Isaac!

Stephanopoulos: did God sent a storm
because he hates you

McDonnell: no this weather only proves we
are better than Democrats because it
will only take us 3 days to nominate a guy

Stephanopoulos: former GOP Florida Governor
Charlie Crist says the GOP has gone
completely insane

McDonnell: Obama downgraded
America’s credit rating

Stephanopoulos: you want to amend the
U.S. Constitution to protect zygotes

McDonnell: you can’t pay attention to the
Party platform - those are just our fundamental
beliefs that we don’t care about

Stephanopoulos: I’m confused - are you in
favor of the Constitutional amendment or not

McDonnell: abortion is up to the states and Congress

Stephanopoulos: not if you amend
the Constitution genius

McDonnell: also the Supreme Court has spoken
on this issue so let’s drop and also amend the
Constitution or not whatever

Villargiosa: an adamant policy of no exceptions
for rape or incest is extreme

Stephanopoulos: but you just heard deny
McDonnell that is the GOP policy although
it’s in the platform

Villargiosa: yes I heard that white man spin wildly

Stephanopoulos: the economy is still bad
3 1/2 into the Obama Presidency

Villaraigosa: Obama has an awesome jobs plan
and the GOP rejected it

Stephanopoulos: what else

Villaraigosa: we need to raise taxes on rich people pronto

McDonnell: Obama is good family man with
a nice wife and adorable kids but he
increased the debt and doubled gas prices

Stephanopoulos: snap

McDonnell: Romney wants to train all Americans
to work in lucrative new jobs like private equity,
looting, layoffs and tax-offshoring

Villaraigosa: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will
raise taxes on the middle class!

McDonnell: Obama didn’t fix the recession
fast enough!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming guys

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Does Todd “fighting ovaries”
Akin hurt the GOP

Will: he’s a moron but I thought liberals solved
all this with Roe v Wade

Granholm: Mitt Romney is running away
from his own party’s platform

Matalin: we need to get this dipshit out of the race

Stephanopoulos: you think Akin will drop out?

Matalin: I don’t care if he does- we’ll run a write-in
candidate if we have to and if that doesn’t work he
can meet with an unfortunate accident

Edwards: women are fleeing this crazy-ass party

Susteren: what the hell is a legitimate rape

Matalin: the GOP is doing just fine with women

Susteren: not younger women

Matalin: they don’t count

Edwards: it’s not just one crazy man -
GOP policies are hostile to women

Will: Sandra Fluke is some barren slut so
old she’s about to collect social security
so what does she care about contraception

Granholm: forcible trans-vaginal probes
are not small government

Matalin: abortion is very nice but Obama
is a Kenyan who will destroy America

Stephanopoulos: awesome


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