Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - July 15, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (D-Chicago)
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
Matthew Dowd
Georg Will
Donna Brazile
James Carville
Mary Matalin

Stephanopoulos: OMG let’s play the Romney ad calling Obama a liar!

[ plays ad ]

Stephanopoulos: good morning Rahm -
Mitt Romney said Obama should apologize
for saying he shipped jobs overseas

Emmanuel: screw him!

Stephanopoulos: Romney says he
wasn’t involved with Bain after 1999

Emmanuel: he swore under oath in
SEC documents he was the sole President and CEO

Stephanopoulos: you can use words to mean anything

Emmanuel: you can’t be President and take
3 years off to play sports you know

Stephanopoulos: he was running the Olympics

Emmanuel: if he cant’ sand up to
Stephanie Cutter how can he stand up to Vladimir Putin
- that guy will kill you

Stephanopoulos: but do you really think Romney committed a felony?!?

Emmanuel: well he signed the SEC documents
and denied what is in them

Stephanopoulos: those were just legal formalities

Emmanuel: Mitt should man up and admit
he sent American jobs to other countries

Stephanopoulos: strong words

Emmanuel: hey Mitt - stop fucking whining!

Stephanopoulos: Romney says he released
1 tax return which is enough to prove
he’s rich and clueless

Emmanuel: he gave John McCain 23 years
of tax returns and McCain took one look at picked Sarah Palin

Stephanopoulos: what could be
in those tax returns?

Emmanuel: we already know about he
hid money in the Cayman Islands - it could be anything

Stephanopoulos: why is it bad to have
foreign bank accounts

Emmanuel: where are his loyalties
- to the USA or Luxembourg?

Stephanopoulos: Romney says these are
desperate attacks to avoid talking about the economy

Emmanuel: Obama saved 1 million manufacturing
jobs and Romney would have let them go bankrupt

Stephanopoulos: Romney also
says the stimulus funded foreign companies

Emmanuel: fuck that shit -
the stimulus created millions of American jobs!

Stephanopoulos: but some went overseas

Emmanuel: who’s gonna fight for
the middle class - Barack Hussein Obama
or the King of Bain?

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Rahm

Stephanopoulos: Kelly what about
offshoring at Bain

Ayotte: it’s so sad that Obama would
attack his opponent at a time when he needs
to rise above politics and let the guy with
Swiss bank accounts run the country

Stephanopoulos: why release only 1 tax return?

Ayotte: the American people aren’t
interested where Mitt hides his money -
they care that unemployment is high

Stephanopoulos: so exactly what is
Mitt Romney hiding?

Ayotte: Obama didn’t cut the debt!

Stephanopoulos: that’s all you’ve got?

Ayotte: Obama won’t cut spending also he’s cutting too much spending from the military!

Stephanopoulos: SEC filings say Romney was
sole CEO and was paid $100,000 -
how could he have no involvement with Bain?

Ayotte: that’s old news from Friday

Stephanopoulos: what is your explanation?

Ayotte: this has all been addressed

Stephanopoulos: just how has it been addressed?

Ayotte: Obama is raising taxes!

Stephanopoulos: what is Mitt Romney’s
economic plan?

Ayotte: he’s going to cut taxes for the rich
and raise them for the poor

Stephanopoulos: what else?

Ayotte: Romney has the experience to
turn this economy around!

Stephanopoulos: what experience is that?

Ayotte: at Bain Capital of course

Stephanopoulos: where he had no responsibility?

Ayotte: right - this has all been addressed

Stephanopoulos: so you keep saying

Ayotte: just make his President and
stop asking so many questions dammit!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Kelly

Stephanopoulos: Romney says Obama
is lying and Obama says Romney lost U.S. jobs
- who is winning?

Will: good lord - Obama is beating this
hapless twit in a big way

Brazile: LOL

Will: in 1994 I was talking with this weird fop
called Mitt Romney and I thought I hope we
never nominate someone this out of touch
during a financial crisis

Matalin: people don’t care that he has a
Swiss bank account and it hasn’t hurt Romney

Stephanopoulos: really

Matalin: most people I know have an account in the Cayman Islands

Carville: Bain was going to help Romney
and now it’s toxic - deal with it

Dowd: Neither candidate wants to talk
about substance - so my fear is that
this my be a negative campaign

Stephanopoulos: OH NOES!

Stephanopoulos: what about his tax returns?

Dowd: of course Romney’s tax returns must have something bad - but he’s just arrogant

Will: Romney clearly calculated that the bad publicity from not releasing his tax returns was not as bad as hiding them so yeah -  there must be something really terrible in those returns

Stephanopoulos: oh my god - thanks for coming

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