Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet The Press - July 22, 2012

Gov. Hickenlooper (D-CO)
Kate Snow
William Bratton
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)
Steve Schmidt
Michelle Rhee
David Brooks

Gregory: wow - all politics shut down
because there was a mass killing in Colorado

Gregory: Governor what’s happening out there

Hickenlooper: we’re fighting back!

Gregory: good for you

Hickenlooper: we must translate our
anger into a renewed love of America

Gregory: what about the acts of heroism

Hickenlooper: they are so inspiring

Gregory: what about this loony shooter

Hickenlooper: he’s not cooperating

Gregory: there was a fast response
by police and other overpaid civil servants

Hickenlooper: yes thanks to 9/11 Americans
have developed a smooth response
to mindless acts of terror

Gregory: what was his motive

Hickenlooper: I have no idea Fluffy

Gregory: he had tear gas cannisters
two Glocks a shotgun and
an assault rifle

Hickenlooper: as is his right Constitutional right

Gregory: Mayor Bloomberg says
we need to limit guns in America

Hickenlooper: because of the Internet
diabolical terrorists will always
find a way to kill people

Gregory: what can we say to people to
make them enjoy the movie-going experience

Hickenlooper: Westerners are tough and
we will not let one psycho stop us from
exercising our right to pay $15 to see Batman

Gregory: what’s happening in the town

Snow: everyone is talking about
all the guys who saved their girlfriends

Gregory: what else

Snow: he had 30 IEDs in his apartment

Gregory: holy crap

Gregory: hi panelists -
lone gunmen are really scary

Bratton: indeed they are David

Gregory: Carolyn this must be very
traumatic for you - tell me all about it

McCarthy: these lone gunmen all
have one thing in common

Gregory: three names?

McCarthy: guns Fluffy

Gregory: his gun jammed

Chertoff: see - it could have been
much worse - stop whining America

Gregory: how should America
react to this attack

Chertoff: ignore the gun issue and
praise the cops and ordinary people
who risked their lives to stop the
guy with that firing doohicky

Gregory: he was building a fucking arsenal

Bratton: family and friends can help us
spot potential mass murderers -
if you see something say something

McCarthy: I see another guy with
a gun killing people

Gregory: Congressman Gohmert wonders
why those cowards in the movie
theater didn’t shoot back

McCarthy: indeed 50 people all shooting
at each in a dark smoke-filled theater
- sounds ideal

Bratton: he had four guns and was wearing a
bullet proof vest and body armor
- no civilian was gonna take him down

Gregory: we don’t need more laws
because he bought these guns legally

McCarthy: your logic is impeccable Fluffy

Chertoff: you can build bombs in a
kitchen so we don’t need gun control

Gregory: I’m sold

Chertoff: we just need to crack down
on muslim terrorists on the Internet

McCarthy: ignore the NRA!

Gregory: is our public discourse
too out of wack?

Chertoff: of course - it’s all the fault
of those darn bloggers

McCarthy: forget the weirdos on the Internet - Michelle Bachmann is certifiable and dangerous

Gregory: of course both sides do it

McCarthy: no they don’t Fluffy

Gregory: is America safe?

Bratton: yes it is - also these killings will continue

Gregory: they will?

Bratton: and idiot politicians will call for
more and more guns

Gregory: but these guns were purchased
legally so we don’t need more laws

Bratton: Fluffy you are a fucking genius

Gregory: what’s up panelists

Brooks: we must find mentally ill
people who slip through the cracks
- be they violent loners or in the
House of Representatives

Rhee: banning violent video games
is only part of the solution

Gregory: there is no debate on gun
control anymore is there

Shrum: not when even terrorists have
a right to buy a assault rifle

Gregory: that’s just common sense

Gregory: even Democrats say hey
he was building bombs so why even
bother with more laws

Schmidt: no one can take on the NRA

Gregory: according to polls Obama
is leading - this race could not
be any closer!

Shrum: yes but Obama leads
in the swing states

Schmidt: the good news for Romney is
that he’s running a terrible campaign

Gregory: Michelle please bash Obama for me

Rhee: there are too many high school drop outs

Gregory: that is true but Mitt Romney
is a vigorous corporate personal trainer

Brooks: Romney should not release
his taxes because I don’t care about that
- I care about how wonderful he is

Gregory: I’m with you Bobo

Brooks: he is such an amazing person
- I love him so much

Shrum: his tax returns probably show
he took a deduction for killing a hobo

Gregory: that could be

Shrum: also he wants to cut Medicare

Schmidt: no one has ever released
20 years of tax returns so why bother
releasing any

Gregory: Steve did you read all
Romney’s tax returns?

Schmidt: no I didn’t have time
to read 10,000 pages -
also I don’t speak Latin

Shrum: Latin?

Schmidt: they’re very complex returns

Gregory: you can tell us - was there
something really bad in there

Schmidt: I can say he is a
pretty decent human

Gregory: Michelle who should
be Vice President

Rhee: for balance Romney should
pick a human being

Brooks: we need a white man
to respond to Iranian threats

Gregory: the conventions are coming! squeeee!

Shrum: Pat Buchanan hurt the GOP in 1992

Schmidt: just pick anyone not named Palin

Brooks: Michelle Rhee is my hero
but we must never talk about education

Rhee: the American people want
to hear us bash teachers

Gregory: I can’t believe Penn State
took Joe Paterno’s statue down

Shrum: what the hell was it doing
there in the first place?

Gregory: and that’s another episode
of Meet The Press



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Love it

Atreyu Kenobi said...
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Jeanpaulbondy said...

Really wish you'd do this more than just for the Sunday shows. One of the funniest political blogs around. If I had a few more of these to read every week maybe I would smile more rather than RAAAGE about, you know, the lying liars et al