Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - June 17, 2012

David Plouffe - Obama Campaign
Tim Pawlenty
Austan Goolsbee
George Will
Katrina vanden Heuvel

Stephanopoulos:  Mitt Romney says Obama
should have passed the Dream Act by himself

Plouffe: that jackass said he would veto it

Stephanopoulos: Jeff Sessions says
Obama is a big mean dictator

Plouffe: He’s the damn President fuckers!

Stephanopoulos: but Obama is
bypassing our wonderful Congress

Plouffe: those idiots in Congress are
deliberately hurting America

Stephanopoulos: that’s not
a very nice thing to say

Plouffe: We’re running against the GOP
Congress and they want to return to Bush’s
policies of tax cuts and more wars

Stephanopoulos: who wants more wars?

Plouffe: the GOP always are jonesing more war!

Stephanopoulos: are you very worried
about Greece and the collapse of Europe?

Plouffe: those austerity-loving fuckers
need their shit straight

Stephanopoulos: Mitt Romney pledged
not bail out Europe

Plouffe: Romney’s economic advisor
published a traitorous editorial in Germany
bashing the President

Stephanopoulos: you thought that was uncalled for

Plouffe: it’s unbelieveable!

Stephanopoulos: Justice Ginsburg said
the ObamaCare decision will be divisive

Plouffe: that is so surprising

Stephanopoulos: what’s your Plan B
when the mandate is overturned

Plouffe: the health care law is helping millions of people

Stephanopoulos: then it’s doomed

Plouffe:  I know I know

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: I love undecided voters
because they don’t like either candidate
proving they’re so skeptical and principled!

Will: I’m going to write-in Ronald Reagan
- he’s better-looking than Obama and
more life-like than Romney

Goolsbee: Is it a referendum on Obama or
Republican policies that caused the
recession in the first place

Pawlenty: Obama has no good ideas on
how to fix the recession caused by Republicans
therefore we should elect Republican Mitt Romney

vanden Heuvel: Republicans in Congress
are preventing creation of more jobs!

Stephanopoulos: James Carville says
you will never persuade people the
economy is doing well so don’t try

Dowd: Obama needs to destroy
Mitt Romney instead of letting Mitt
do it all himself

Will: Democrats have make Romney
very scary which will be hard because
he is nice white man

Stephanopoulos: he’s so nice he doesn’t
want to cut spending for the poor

Goolsbee: but he has to keep his promises

Stephanopoulos: no one expects him to do that

Pawlenty: Obama is shrinking like a little boy
demanding a blue ribbon for showing up

Stephanopoulos: good analogy

Pawlenty: we must fix the economy
which was by wrecked by cutting
taxes by cutting taxes!

vanden Heuvel: idiot

Pawlenty: Obama caused the recession in 2007!

vanden Heuvel: Did he save the auto industry?
Did he?

Pawlenty: Romney will take credit for that!

Will: We must not tax our talented
genius job creators!

vanden Heuvel: consumers create jobs!

Dowd: both sides don’t the truth
unlike I brave truth-teller Matthew Dowd

Stephanopoulos: what is the truth?

Dowd: I see we’re out of time

Will: Mitt Romney is very funny because
he made stuff up about how Obama is corrupt

Goolsbee: yes that lie was hilarious

Dowd: If democrats really want to cut
the budget they would cut the budget!

vanden Heuvel: or we could invest in America!

Stephanopoulos: and now I see we’re
definitely out of time


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