Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - June 10, 2012

David Axelrod
Rick Santorum
Ed Rendell
Van Jones
Mike Huckabee
Ann Coulter

Stephanopoulos: Obama said the
private sector is doing fine!

Axelrod: that could be true

Stephanopoulos: Romney has a new ad out
blaming Obama for the 2007 recession

Axelrod: Obama but he wants to cut
taxes for small businesses and hire
firefighters and teachers

Stephanopoulos: what’s the catch

Axelrod: Romney is living on another planet
if he thinks firing cops is a great idea

Stephanopoulos: Romney / Kodos 2012

Stephanopoulos: you lost the recall in
Wisconsin and now Romney is raising
more money than you

Axelrod: sure he raising more cash --
he wants to give millionaires a big tax cut

Stephanopoulos: I like it

Axelrod: Mitt doesn’t great jobs - just ask
that prudish wacko Rick Santorum

Stephanopoulos: I intend to

Axelrod: we need an economy built to last
- until November anyway

Stephanopoulos: you think that’s a winning message?

Axelrod: Mitt is not a liberator of companies
- he is a destroyer of them!

Stephanopoulos: Is Michele Bachmann right
that Obama is cheating by killing terrorists?

Axelrod: I wish the right would decide
whether he’s an America-hating Kenyan or
he's killing too many American enemies

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming David

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Rick should we fire
firefighters and teachers?

Santorum: Obama is crushing the free
enterprise system! We need George W. Bush back!

Stephanopoulos: you called Mitt Romney
a mustache-twirling Wall Street financier

Santorum: he is but Barack Obama is
an anti-colonial Marxist

Stephanopoulos: that sounds worse

Santorum: Teachers are single-handedly
ruining America

Stephanopoulos: I didn’t know that

Santorum: we have to stop throwing
money at problems

Stephanopoulos: you just set up a SuperPAC
to throw money at politics

Santorum: I see what you did there Stephy

Stephanopoulos: Will you and Ron Paul
fight to the death

Santorum: only one can survive!

Stephanopoulos: do you want to be
Vice President?

Santorum: sure but I don’t think Obama
will dump Joe Biden

Stephanopoulos: ha

Santorum: I want to spend time fighting for
big corporations who have no voice in Washington

Stephanopoulos: good luck Ricky

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: please bash Obama for me

Huckabee: the private sector is not fine!

Jones: losing in Wisconsin is good because
it gave Obama a wake-up call

Coulter: the entire country is enraged against
public school teachers!
[ psychotic laugh ]

Rendell: bashing firefighters? really?

Huckabee: I love firemen but first we must
fire teachers who make $100,000 if you include
all benefits which is outrageous

Jones: Republicans won’t pass their own
bills so they can blame Obama for failing

Stephanopoulos: are you saying they
are rooting for failure?

Jones: no I’m not - I’m saying they
are creating failure!

Coulter: firefighters have huge pensions!

Rendell: would you fire firefighters?

Coulter: [ lunatic chortle ]

Stephanopoulos: Should Obama
attack Bain Capital?

Rendell: first Mitt says he created
10,000 jobs and then it was 100,000 - which is it?

Huckabee: Romney was not supposed
to create any jobs at all and he was
successful at that

Coulter: Mitt Romney has the Midas touch!

Jones: didn’t Midas destroy everything eventually

Coulter: [ sociopathic chuckle ]

Stephanopoulos: let’s use Bill Clinton
to bash Obama!

Huckabee: Bill Clinton was a great President!

Stephanopoulos: you tried to impeach
Clinton and called him a murderer

Huckabee: I miss Bill !!

Rendell: the GOP only wants to destroy Obama

Jones: Republicans lawmakers -
are so insane they are almost as
crazy Ann Coulter

Coulter: Bill Clinton was wonderful!
[ demented giggle ]

Huckabee: Clinton is right - Mitt Romney
should be President!

Stephanopoulos: who should be Vice President?

Huckabee: Romney will choose carefully
unlike John McCain who picked a unqualified ditz

Coulter: I have not been asked to be Vice President

Stephanopoulos: what a surprise

Coulter: he should choose Chris Christie
because has ethnic appeal and hates public unions

Stephanopoulos: Marco Rubio could
help the GOP win Hispanics in Florida

Jones: Obama wants to help homeowners
in Florida and of course the GOP won’t do it

Stephanopoulos: OMG  the guy Obama
defeated in 2008 attacked him!

Huckabee: Obama is killing terrorists and
it is terrible that we know that!

Jones: He’s killing people! That’s also bad!

Rendell: to leak information about our
deadly viruses against al qaeda or Iran
or whatever is terrible

Coulter: leaks show Obama is being
tough on terrorism which means
Barack Obama hates America
[ hysterical laughter ]

Jones: I don’t have to support
everything Obama does

Coulter: Conservative don’t blindly support
Republicans - also Mitt Romney is the
greatest thing ever!

Stephanopoulos: people think the Supreme
Court has become entirely political

Huckabee: therefore the Supreme Court
should look at the polls and overturn Obamacare

Stephanopoulos: they should ignore the
law and only apply politics?

Huckabee: yes - following popular opinion
in required by the Constitution!

Jones: like they did in Bush v Gore

Coulter: Bush v Gore was a great decision!

Huckabee: the mandate is evil and unconstitutional

Jones: holy fuck the individual mandate
was an idea from the Heritage Foundation

Stephanopoulos: and yet polls say it
is wildly unpopular

Jones: what a fucking coincidence

Coulter: [ disturbing howl ]

Stephanopoulos: and that’s another episode
of This Week with George Stephanopoulos


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This is total genius. You just saved an hour of my life for me - you are a patriot and a hero! [demented giggle]