Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012

John Brennan
Paul Krugman
Eric Schmidt
Carly Fiorina
George Will

Stephanopoulos: wow Lindsay Lohan
was in Washington last night!

Audience: woot

Obama: Bin Laden - still dead

Stephanopoulos: I’m scared

Brennan: you should be George

Stephanopoulos: really

Brennan: al qaeda is trying to
penetrate us

Stephanopoulos: oh god

Brennan: just look at the underwear bomber

Stephanopoulos: ew no thanks

Stephanopoulos: do the terrorists still
want to attack planes?

Brennan: sure 10 years ago that one time

Stephanopoulos: should I be terrified
about another 9/11

Brennan: al qeada has been nearly destroyed

Stephanopoulos: oh that’s good

Brennan: but you should till be scared

Stephanopoulos: did killing
Osama bin Laden help?

Brennan: we took down their leader!

Stephanopoulos: who runs al qaeda now?

Brennan: they are a franchise system
like McDonalds

Stephanopoulos: I've seen our flag
on the marble arch

Brennan: yes but our war on terror
is not a victory march

Stephanopoulos: halleluja

Stephanopoulos: would bin Laden still be
alive if Mitt Romney were President?

Brennan: Obama is gutsy and pulled the
trigger and it was awesome

Brennan: it was a divided room

Stephanopoulos: Biden was worried
because this was a big freaking deal

Brennan: sure but Obama was bold -
he really hates bin Laden!

Stephanopoulos: what worried you
about the raid

Brennan: we had no idea what was in that
compound - what if it was rigged with bombs?

Stephanopoulos: wow it sounds like
only Obama would have made such
a reckless decision

Brennan: [ palmface ]

Stephanopoulos: do you really believe
our drones haven’t killed any civilians?

Brennan: if we have I have asked not
to be told about it

Stephanopoulos: so sounds like we have

Brennan: sometimes you must kill innocent
people to save innocent people

Stephanopoulos: got it

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: how is the economy?

Will: Obama needs to bring us back to
the years when the recession hit

Stephanopoulos: sounds like a sound plan

Krugman: the private sector is back but
governments keep laying people off

Fiorina: it’s true big businesses are doing
well but we must restore small business

Stephanopoulos: big businesses are
creating many jobs not in America

Schmidt: we have got to get small
businesses online so Google can
steal their personal information

Granholm: so what’s the answer - besides
handing our government over to lunatics

Krugman: the third world has more growth
because of government intervention there

Walker: we should not cut spending
or raise taxes now but we should do it
later when our problems are solved

Will: The Bond Vigilantes are scary!!

Krugman: god you are an idiot

Will: Obama has failed to cure the
problems caused the Republicans!

Krugman: because this recession was different!

Fiorina: states that cut income
taxes always do better

Krugman: Carly is lying!

Fiorina: how dare you K-Thug!

Granholm: a state-by-state race to the
bottom is national disaster

Schmidt: we have a dire computer
programmer shortage

Stephanopoulos: shit

Walker: Obamacare costs more money

Granholm: no it doesn’t you idiot

Fiorina: close all tax loopholes
except for some of them!

Will: taxes is bad!

Krugman: [ palmface ]



The Tragically Flip said...

I loved this moment, from Fiorina at the end:

"There's only one thing that does that -- a rising level of education, a strong entrepreneurial foundation and a tax and regulatory structure that encourages people to take a risk, invest capital and create a business."


UVP said...

There was a moment when Jennifer Granholm dropped her forehead abruptly downward as if she was going to actually smack it on the table, in reaction to the Republican saying about GM "Just because it worked, that doesn't mean it was right!"

There were one or two others when Krugman's reaction was priceless, he couldn't keep from laughing out loud when Carly Fiorina said that all the government had to do was call up all the "Wall Street Banks" at the height of the collapse and get them to bail out GM instead. Presumably just before giving them billions to keep them afloat because they had no money and were threatened with imminent bankruptcy from their massive debt.

deuce said...

It truly was a moment of wonder.