Sunday, December 04, 2011

Meet The Press - December 4, 2011

David Axelrod - Obama Campaign Adviser
Reince Prebius - RNC Chair
Fmr. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. - D-TN
Joe McQuaid - New Hampshire Union Leader
Katty Kay - BBC
Mark Halperin - Time
Gregory: wow it looks like the race is
between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich

Audience: woot

Gregory: unemployment is down but that’s
because people stopped looking for jobs

Axelrod: Bush lost 6 million jobs and we
created 3 million

Gregory: big woop

Axelrod: we want to create more jobs by
raising taxes on millionaires

Gregory: that’s not very nice of you

Axelrod: this election is going to be about
middle class jobs or giving tax money to Wall Street

Gregory: so you say

Axelrod: did I mention the middle class?

Gregory: the most important thing in America
is cutting the debt - that’s what President
Alan Simpson said

Axelrod: he’s an idiot

Gregory: President Chris Christie says
Obama is a bystander

Axelrod: he would have stood by and let
the auto industry go bankrupt

Gregory: President Erskine Bowles said guys
from Chicago won’t let President cut
Medicare Medicaid and Social Security

Axelrod: who gives a shit what he thinks?

Gregory: I care

Axelrod: well this whole conversation is stupid

Gregory: did the President miss an opportunity
to slash spending in a recession?

Axelrod: I heard you were a moron

Gregory: what about Herman Cain?

Axelrod: he’s just another member of the
Wall Street sponsored clown show

Gregory: Plouffe says Mitt Romney has no soul

Axelrod: that’s obviously true

Gregory: that’s so unfair - he’s a priest
and he’s married!

Axelrod: he stole the hard drives from the Governor’s office

Gregory: he needed those to reboot himself

Axelrod: he totally lacks character

Gregory: what about Newt Gingrich?

Axelrod: he has a moral core just like Ebenezer Scrooge did

Gregory: but you’re being so mean and negative

Axelrod: welcome to the grown-up world Fluffy

[ break ]

Gregory: does Mitt Romney have character?

Prebius: Obama promised to be a uniter and
instead Republicans said taxpayers were the
Jews for Obama’s ovens - Obama totally failed!

Gregory: the GOP said they want Obama to
be a one-term President

Prebius: but in a uniting kind of way

Gregory: the economy is getting better

Prebius: Obama is unpopular just like Jimmy Carter!

Gregory: he’s more popular than you are

Prebius: Obama could not be any less popular

Gregory: he could be if he were named
Newt Gingrich

Prebius: he’s out campaigning!

Gregory: that’s not uncommon for a candidate

Prebius: he should have the cut the debt like
Reagan, Bush and Bush didn’t!

Gregory: aren’t Democrats mean and nasty?

Prebius: voters are tired of politicians always
campaigning and want someone real and
authentic like Mitt Romney

Gregory: did the media drive
Herman Cain out of the race?

Prebius: um no

Gregory: why GOP voters so fickle - just pick a
crazy person and be done with it?

Prebius: a divisive primary is a good thing -
after all Obama won!

Gingrich: poor children are lazy unless they
are committing crimes

Prebius: just like Wall Street traders

Gregory: does Newt speak for the
Republican party?

Prebius: Obama hates poor people -
look at all the food stamps he’s giving out

Gregory: should the GOP agree to a debate
with a clownish tv host from NBC?

Prebius: you’re welcome to host a debate
any time Fluffy

Gregory: I was talking about Donald Trump

Prebius: well that’s different

[ break ]

Gregory: omg Herman Cain has dropped out
- how can we all carry on?

Kay: he was manifestly unqualified and moron
journalists followed his every move

Halperin: Cain would probably have been the
nominee in my fantasy world

McQuaid: his non-support will now go to Gingrich

Ford: Gingrich is a serious thinker who thinks
seriously about serious things

Gregory: awesome

Ford: he has 30 days to refrain from blaming
Obama that country singer kidnapping her child

Halperin: the GOP want Winston Churchill
so will of course nominate Newt Gingrich

Ford: yes Churchill was also an anti-Kenyan pro-colonialist

Kay: Mitt has to tackle Newt Gingrich which
won’t be easy since has a very low center of gravity

McQuaid: black children should grab a broom and
then we can lay off rich union janitors

Gregory: omg you are awesome

Kay: unemployed people don’t think
they are lazy

Ford: please run on attacking other Americans
as lacking a worth ethic

Gregory: Mitt Romney got freaked out by questions
from Fox News

Halperin: in the past the Establishment would
have rallied around Romney but not if just looks
like an unprincipled flip-flopper

McQuaid: He has to decide what to do with
Newt Gingrich but he will probably flip-flop
on that too

Kay: Newt Gingrich changes his positions
on things too

Gregory: no it’s different - he’s a hypocrite -
not a flip-flpper

Ford: I changes positions too - for example I
didn’t used to think Wall Street was the greatest
thing ever until I worked there

Gregory: so the big news this morning
is that Obama is a big meanie

Halperin: so true Fluffman

Kay: could we not talk about Herman Cain
for a few minutes and mention the imminent
collapse of Europe?

Gregory: no - and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press