Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meet The Press - December 11, 2011

Ron Paul
Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL)
Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)
Gov. Terry Branstad (R-IA)
Ted Koppel
Chuck Todd
Lisa Myers
Alex Castellanos
Gregory: holy cow Newt Gingrich has a
big lead in the Presidential race

Gregory: Did Newt do anything insane last night?

Paul: no more than anyone else

Gregory: you say Newt should not have
taken money from Freddie Mac

Gingrich: I was in the private sector!

Paul: Poppycock!

Gregory: you’re funny

Paul: this was very annoying to because I’ve
worked on this issue and Newt is just a
common grifter

Gregory: should he apologize and give
the money back

Paul: of course it’s totally immoral and why
is government influence for sale anyway?

Gregory: who is the most consistent
conservative in the race?

Paul: why should we nominate someone who
has to keep explaining all his flip-flops?

Gregory: are both Romney and Gingrich unacceptable?

Paul: they’re unprincipled

Gregory: you always attack Newt and
not Mittens - why is that?

Paul: Because I had to work with Newt Gingrich
and he is probably the biggest jerk I’ve
ever dealt with

Gregory: then Newt represents the biggest change

Paul: yes but Newt defends the welfare state

Gregory: Gingrich says Palestinians are
fake people and inherent murderers

Paul: see what I mean - this guy is bullshit
in a China shop

Gregory: what about he said?

Paul: Newt is just an uncontrolled demagogue

Gregory: when you lose who will you endorse?

Paul: I will have to wait to see if Mitt flip-flops again

Gregory: would you run for President with
a third-party?

Paul: only the Sith deal in absolutes!

Gregory: so you are considering it

Paul: why not - it can’t get any worse out there!

[ break ]

Gregory: Lindsay - is Newt for real?

Graham: darn right he is

Gregory: is he not crazy anymore?

Graham: yes he is less immature and not
quite as dickish

Gregory: you led the coup against him but
would you endorse him?

Graham: no I would not

Gregory: who will you endorse?

Graham: Hell Ron Paul if it will prevent him
from making a third-party run

Gregory: what about the payroll tax extension?

Durbin: this means an extra $1,000 for
160 million Americans!

Gregory: that could buy you a meal for four
people at the Palm!

Durbin: we offered a tax on the second million
dollars of income and the GOP said no because
it would affect Job Creators

Gregory: the GOP is willing to cut taxes as long
we build a huge oil pipeline through the U.S.

Graham: I love that long pipeline

Gregory: what about the payroll tax?

Graham: candidly we have to extend the
tax cut or commit political suicide

Obama: America has to reward hard work!

Graham: Obama caused the Great Recession in 2007

Gregory: wow

Graham: Obama almost caused a loss of
jobs in South Carolina

Gregory: but he didn’t?

Graham: he could have

Gregory: I see

Graham: Dodd-Frank retroactively caused
the credit crisis!

Durbin: Wall Street caused the recession
you hayseed

Lindsay: The consumer protection bureau
is basically Stalinist

Durbin: you see what we’re up against?

Gregory: thanks for coming guys

[ break ]

Gregory: holy crap Gingrich leads in the
south by double-digits

Gingrich: Mittens you are a career politician
just a loser at it

Todd: Romney keeps trying to go negative on
Gingrich but he has so many negatives its hard
to choose just one

Myers: Gingrich loves verbal combat much
more than real combat which he writes
novels about

Gregory: Romney likes to settles fights
by betting $10,000

Branstad: Obama has increased the debt
when all the American people want is increased
spending and lower taxes

Gregory: who do we need?

Branstad: we need someone who won’t increase
the debt like Ronald Reagan

Gregory: Reagan inherited a recession and
slowly brought American back

Branstad: see totally unlike Obama

Castellanos: people want big change and
Romney promises out-of-touch elitism

Koppel: the fact that people are even considering
nominating Newt Gingrich leaves me speechless

Castellanos: America is in such big trouble we
need a President who is a little crazy

Branstad: the most important thing we can
do in this recession is cut spending

Gregory: I see

Branstad: Dodd-Frank cause the recession!

Gregory: is Romeny not in Iowa enough?

Branstad: yes he must live here and also
promise to revive the rice industry

Castellanos: Mitt Romney is a transformational
figure - he transformed Massachusetts,
Bain Capital, the Olympics and himself

Romney: I’m not a bomb-thrower

Gingrich: we need to throw bombs - especially in
the middle east

Koppel: even in Israel Newt is an
anti-Palestinian extremist

Todd: Romney says he’s sober and
Newt says Mitty is just timid

Myers: Every Republican I talk to thinks Newt is
a crazy person who damaged conservatism
for a generation

Gregory: does marriage matter?

Perry: if you cheat on your wife you
might cheat on your business partner
which would be really bad

Gingrich: God forgave me so you all
might as well too

Koppel: the Drug Enforcement Agency is
still in Iraq

Gregory: oh shit

Koppel: we will leave just enough
Americans in Iraq to serve as an excuse
to start a war with Iran

Gregory: how delightful

[ break ]

Gregory: hey gang Ron Paul is incredibly
popular on Twitter

Todd: Newt Gingrich is the heavy favorite
to win the nomination now

Branstad: Paul would win in Iowa
but college students tend to sleep right
through the caucuses

Gregory: and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press

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