Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meet The Press - September 18, 2011

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-TN)
Former President Bill Clinton
Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI)
Helene Cooper
Alex Castellanos
Mark Halperin
Gregory: Obama has called for higher taxes
on millionaires

McConnell: I disagree - we need to coddle
millionaires in the middle of a recession

Gregory: but isn’t it fair for the rich to pay as
much as middle income Americans?

McConnell: Look Warren Buffet should send me
some money if he has too much of it

Gregory: I’m not sure that’s the issue Leader

McConnell: also we should means-test
Social Security

Gregory: interesting idea

McConnell: many poor small businesses pay
millionaire taxes

Gregory: oh those poor little businesses

Boehner: [on video]
we should not have a 'my way only’
attitude but instead only do what I want

Gregory: if you’re so worried about the deficit
why not raise taxes?

McConnell: we’re not opposed to raising taxes
by which I mean cutting taxes

Gregory: is your goal to not pass anything but
wreck the economy to make Obama a one-term President?

McConnell: not at all - we can agree that Obama
should do whatever we want

Gregory: Senator your party seems to cheer
killing a lot

Debate audience: Kill Baby Kill!

McConnell: Solyndra! Solyndra! Solyndra!

Gregory: has the GOP become a twisted
death cult?

McConnell: we have a saying in Tennessee
‘when a mule kicks you twice shoot it and kill it’

[ break ]

Gregory: Big Dog what can be enacted
in this climate?

Clinton: if you enact Obama’s bill you will have a
million jobs and families would get $1,500

Gregory: that’s boring

Clinton: well I doubt Republicans want it
to pass anyway

Gregory: taxing rich people like me would
be a disaster

Clinton: but Fluffy we still have a huge debt -
don’t you want to pay your share?

Gregory: no

Clinton: but you did well under the tax levels
when I was President

Gregory: does globalization hurt people?

Clinton: yes - but what if we could make it
work for everyone?

Gregory: that’s just crazy enough to work

Clinton: shared success and shared responsibility

Gregory: that’s catchy

Clinton: we’re seeing amazing
public - private parts

Gregory: Please bash Obama for me

Clinton: did you know we’ve been in a Depression
all this time?

Gregory: really?

Clinton: almost no one alive except for
John McCain is old enough to remember
the Great Depression

Gregory: that’s probably true

Clinton: but these are tough times but the President
has a plan that will work

Gregory: should the President panic?

Clinton: Fluffy if people want the government to
solve their problems they gotta let the
government solve their problems

Gregory: 1/3 of people have buyer’s remorse
over Hillary Clinton

Clinton: you know Fluffy I heard you were a moron

Gregory: can Obama be reelected?

Clinton: Obama has the GOP so freaked out they
are opposing their own policies

Gregory: they’re just following the polls

Clinton: conflict makes good politics but bad policy

Gregory: but conflict is fun!

Clinton: what do Silicon Valley, Carnegie-Mellon
and MIT have in common?

Gregory: all three have computers who could
do my job?

Clinton: government and business need work
together to create economic growth!

Gregory: what about Palestinian statehood?

Clinton: it won’t change the underlying reality
which is we need a negotiated solution

Gregory: good luck with the Clinton Global Initiative this week

Clinton: It isn’t luck you bubblehead

[ break ]

Gregory: Mark can the President can be reelected?

Halperin: yes - Obama is a dick but the GOP
are insane

Gregory: polls say people still blame the GOP
for our problems

Castellanos: yes but Obama is to blame for not
making the GOP behave like a good parent should

Gregory: Obama’s plan may not pass - doesn’t that
prove that he’s a failure?

Cooper: he’s daring the GOP to either pass it or
bear the blame for a bad economy

Gregory: Washington is not working so Obama
is a bad President

Granholm: we need a plan to turn the U.S. around
and tax cuts are not the answer

Castellanos: the GOP would never pass Obama’s
bill which proves Obama is a bad President

Gregory: the Obama White House is not a good
place for women - we need Bill Clinton again

Halperin: Obama is not a great Explainer In Chief

Gregory: yes he should call people a dick more

Halperin: I saw what you did there Greggers

Cooper: I saw Campaign Obama out again this
week and he might be getting his mojo back

Gregory: a Republican won in Brooklyn and Queens!

Castellanos: this district is a good reflection
of the whole nation - the Orthodox Jew lost
because he was not pro-Israel enough

Perry: Obama is a socialist Ponzi schemer!

Halperin: Romney will be the nominee because
this Perry guy is craaazeee

Granholm: we are in a War on Jobs

Gregory: so well said

Castellanos: Perry has shown great strength but
also shown he is scary and thoughtless

Gregory: is the U.S. afraid the vote for Palestinian
statehood will lead to war throughout the whole Middle East?

Cooper: yes

Gregory: really?

Cooper: no - but they are worried vetoing it would
make America look hypocritical

Gregory: oh that’s much worse

Cooper: now we should panic

Gregory: and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press


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Gregory: and that’s another episode of Meet The Press

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