Sunday, September 04, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - September 4, 2011

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)
Jonathan Karl
Clarence Page
Dana Loesch
Michael Gerson
Amanpour: wow there is a tropical storm
in New Orleans

Reporter: yes the levees are holding
[ fingers crossed ]

Amanpour: the 2012 Presidential campaign
is in overdrive!

Audience: oh noe

Amanpour: Jim DeMint is a Tea Party Senator
- good morning Jim

DeMint: Hi Christiane

Amanpour: what do you think about Rick Perry?

DeMint: I need to wait for several months
to see who is really crazy and then I will
make my endorsement

Amanpour: that’s very prudent

DeMint: You can’t be too careful Diane

Amanpour: Rick Perry endorsed Al Gore in 1988

DeMint: yes but Reagan was a Democrat before
God told him to cut taxes and build a missile
shield in outer space

Amanpour: Perry says Social Security is a
bad disease and bad medicine is what we need

DeMint: most people know Social Security
must be saved by getting rid of it

Amanpour: do you like future President
Rick Perry or not?

DeMint: I like that he brings the crazy but
that might not be enough

Amanpour: Can Mitt Romney earn the
endorsement of Tea Party?

DeMint: the Tea Party is the best thing that’s
ever happened to America because it’s a
grassroots movement that discovered in January
of 2009 corporate taxes are too high

Amanpour: what about Obama’s address to
Congress next week?

DeMint: I’m very frustrated with speeches -
he needs to come to Congress and offer ideas

Amanpour: I see

DeMint: To end the recession we must crack
down on unions

Amanpour: Is that right?

DeMint: I’m not interested in some speech by
some guy who thinks he’s important just because
he’s acts like he’s President or something

Amanpour: thanks for coming Jim

[ break ]

Amanpour: what about Rick Perry?

Karl: the opposition research file is as thick
as a phone book

Gerson: he supported TARP and doesn’t think
people should vote for Senators

Amanpour: is he a fake candidate like
Bachmann or real like Huntsman

Gerson: he’s real, savvy and good looking

Amanpour: he hates Social Security and
87% of people like it

Loesch: it is very popular but we need to get the
government out of Social Security

Amanpour: does he have any weaknesses
with the Tea Party?

Loesch: He’s soft on Big Giant Fence

Page: Rick Perry says get government hands
off my Social Security!

Amanpour: that’s compelling

Page: he calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme
but he wants to invest your retirement money
in the stock market

Karl: Perry raised taxes!

Gerson: Republicans are still unhappy with their
choices so they are looking to Chris Christie
to save them

Amanpour: Palin! Palin! Palin!

Karl: She’s running and I’m squeeing!!

Amanpour: Dana is that scary or hopeful to you?

Loesch: she is bit batty but with the GOP anything
can and probably will happen

Amanpour: who would you like to see get the nomination?

Loesch: this election is a referendum on the
Republican party - will they stick with the
tired old liberalism of George W. Bush or
nominate a real staunch conservative?

Amanpour: holy crap

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