Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - September 18, 2011

Former President Bill Clinton
Michael Beschloss
Cokie Roberts
George Will
Jonathan Karl
Amanpour: good morning - which is more
dangerous Iran, or air shows?

Clinton: women!

Amanpour: Big Dog how can we get more jobs?

Clinton: We need to lower payroll taxes and find
a way to get corporations to give us some of their
vast gobs of money

Amanpour: I see

Clinton: also empower women and girls

Amanpour: that’s good

Amanpour: what is your message to
world leaders?

Clinton: get your heads out of your asses and
invest in people

Amanpour: unemployment is still too high

Clinton: so pass Obama’s plan!

Amanpour: we can’t do that

Clinton: also we need to fix housing

Amanpour: we can’t do that either

Clinton: I know

Amanpour: why don’t politicians in Washington
ever do anything?

Clinton: the American people elect too many assholes

Amanpour: interesting

Clinton: there are places in America where the
economy is growing and unemployment is low

Amanpour: why is that?

Clinton: because of government and for-profit
cooperation in biotech, silicon and killer robots

Amanpour: Mayor Bloomberg said we should plan
ahead for riots now

Clinton: Bloomberg also said we should build a
world-class research center

Amanpour: did he?

Clinton: conflict is good politics but cooperation
is good economics

Amanpour: Democrats lost a district in
Brooklyn and Queens

Clinton: I won it both times

Amanpour: so what happened?

Clinton: things change - did you know
Ed Koch is crazy now?

Amanpour: I did actually

Clinton: Lieberman too

Amanpour: how should we punish Palestinians
for seeking independence?

Clinton: the Secretary of State is doing an
awesome job!

Amanpour: she’s very nice

Clinton: the U.N. can’t impose a peace plan so
the whole debate is pointless

Amanpour: it seems like an intractable standoff

Clinton: the Middle East is a place of deep mistrust
and hate fueled by desperate fanatics who are
willing to commit acts of senseless destruction rather
than see the other side succeed

Amanpour: so it’s just like the U.S. Congress

Clinton: exactly

[ break ]

Amanpour: George is Obama a great President?

Will: no

Amanpour: thanks

Beschloss: Bobby Kennedy and LBJ were fighters
and Obama is not

Will: the proof is we didn’t get the Olympics

Roberts: Obama is not a big enough asshole to be
a truly great President

Karl: Obama has failed to turn Blue Dogs around

Will: Obama’s plan is take money from good rich
people and give it to bad poor people

Beschloss: Draft Hilary Clinton!

Roberts: omg that’s crazy

Beschloss: Politics is frequently irrational

Roberts: so are pundits

Amanpour: true

Roberts: if you give poor people money they
will save it - those selfish bastards

Amanpour: why did the Democrats lose a House
seat in New York City

Will: that district is full of Jews so crazy they
actually go to synagogue and also Archie Bunker
who would be a tea partier now

Amanpour: thanks for coming


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