Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - June 12, 2011

Jake Tapper
George Will
Peggy Noonan
Donna Brazile
Robert Reich
Jonathan Karl
Amanpour: good morning - the top Al-Qaeda
guy in Africa got killed - suck it terrorists!

Amanpour: also Anthony Weiner’s sex text messages
are drowning out the democratic message
in Washington while David Vitter does not
affect coverage of the Republican message
just because that's how it is

Wasserman-Schultz: what a dipshit

Amanpour: Weiner has paralyzed the
Democratic party

Will: he claims to have a disease so
he can’t be removed from office under
the Americans with Disabilities Act

Tapper: technically he hasn’t violated
the law like using a state helicopter for
personal use or going to a prostitute
which are very forgivable crimes

Amanpour: the Democrats' message is diluted

Brazile: no one can talk about the
federal budget or the debt or the U.S.
economy because of pictures of Weiner’s penis

Amanpour: that makes perfect sense

Brazile: his constituents deserve a full member

Noonan: this clearly proves the
End-of-Roman empire decadence of Washington

Amanpour: you’re calling someone else decadent?

Noonan: truly it's the Weiner Republic

Amanpour: good one Peggers

Noonan: the whole city has to come together
and say enough - no more can Democrats have sex

Amanpour: is Mitt Romney the
front runner for 2012?

Noonan: Whether Vain is the least bad choice

Tapper: Tim Pawlenty will be a truly
formidable opponent

Will: by 2012 one third of Americans
will be under water - and that doesn’t include
Michael Phelps

Pawlenty: we should be more awesome America

Amanpour: is Pawlenty really going to
save the GOP?

Will: compared to me he’s Elvis

Amanpour: true

Will: he should adopt Reagan’s sunny message
of borrow and spend which is full of win

Noonan: Republicans handed Obama 2 wars,
a jobs disaster, epic recession, and massive debt
- so let’s fire Obama and give them another chance

Gingrich: my lobbyists in DC tell me to
say I’m an outsider

Will: Newt is an egomaniacal bull in a china shop

Tapper: I spoke to several people this week
who hate Gingrich’s guts - and those were
his top staffers

Amanpour: holy crap the economy is really bad

Reich: consumers are losing their
home values and jobs so they won’t spend
money and if they don’t spend money there won’t be jobs

Shelby: this is a new day - we need to
help business more

Reich: consumers are scared -
we need to unterrify them

Karl: we tried stimulus and lowered interest rates -
what else can we do?

Reich: reform the bankruptcy system, a new jobs program-

Karl: but that’s not realistic

Reich: well that’s my fucking answer idiot

Shelby: we need to create certainty

Goolsbee: we created lots of jobs

Reich: you can’t go into an election year like this
- there’s deafening silence on jobs!

Shelby: Businesses are scared - they are worried about their children - we need certainty by which which I mean lower taxes and less regulating

Karl: OMG the debt and health care!!

Reich: Businesses don’t care about the federal debt

Karl: oh noes

Reich: why not have a new Works Progress Administration?

Shelby: good idea

Reich: really let’s shake on it

Shelby: the WPA didn’t end the Depression
- Word War Two did!!

Reich: yes Dick we all miss Hitler and his US jobs-creating program

Shelby: free markets are good

Karl: none of your proposals will happen

Amanpour: thanks for coming

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