Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour -- May 22, 2011

George Mitchell
King Abullah II of Jordan
Jake Tapper
Aaron Miller
Amanpour: holy crap now Mitch Daniels won’t
run for President - will this nightmare of GOP non-candidates never end??

Audience: so sad

Amanpour: Obama set off a firestorm of criticism
by saying peace should be based on Israel borders before 1967

Huckabee: Obama proved he hates America
because he betrayed Israel

Amanpour: Bibi demanded that Obama
endorse the settlements

Amanpour: Israelis suspect Obama may be
more loyal to America than to their country

Audience: ooh

Amanpour: but Obama bashed efforts
to delegitimize Israel

Audience: wow he’s pissing everyone off

Amanpour: George Mitchell does Obama
want to destroy Israel?

Mitchell: no he wants Israel to swap control
of land for security - hell Ehud Olmert endorsed the same plan

Amanpour: then why did Bibi freak out
and smash the White House china

Mitchell: because Palestinians want the
UN to recognize their statehood

Amanpour: can there ever be peace between
the Palestinians and Israel?

Mitchell: hell no - that’s why I quit

Amanpour: Obama wants the settlements stopped and the Arab states to be nice to Israel

Mitchell: Obama wants both sides to give a little and neither side wants to so nothing will ever get done

Amanpour: you’re so much fun to have on

Amanpour: Did the White House know his opponents would act like he wants to destroy Israel?

Tapper: the President is used to people saying he hates America and now they think he hates Israel too

Miller: Bibi took Obama’s speech to mean
he wants Israel to commit suicide

Amanpour: Bibi and Obama don’t
like each other

Tapper: he lecutured the President in front of everyone in the Oval Office - bin Laden and Trump crossed Obama and look what happened to them

Miller: Bibi is very confident that
the peace process is dead

Amanpour: even American friends of
Israel think Bibi is acting like an asshole

Tapper: Bibi is worried that Obama
gave up a key Israel negotiating position

Miller: Israel is worried Obama might
actually make a real peace proposal

Miller: the Arab world is blossoming in democracy -
now is just not the right time to propose peace

Tapper: Hamas is a terror organization
and a key player

[ break ]

Amanpour: King Abdullah what is going on
in the Middle East

Abdullah: it’s a fun time all around

Amanpour: is it a call for freedom?

Abdullah: people really want money and jobs

Amanpour: what about democracy?

Abdullah: guess what - Jordan is having elections!

Amanpour: Americans are scared of democracy in the Middle East and Wisconsin

Abdullah: people in the Middle East only hate America because of the Palestinian problem

Amanpour: you don’t like Netanyahu

Abdullah: he’s a colossal dick

Amanpour: will there be another war
in the Middle East ?

Abdullah: probably - we have one
every 18 months

Amanpour: Hamas are terrorists so we
can’t have negotiations

Abdullah: I wish the Israelis would pick
a position and bloody well stick to it!

Amanpour: oh my

Abdullah: Hamas is not in the Palestinian government - Israel needs to have courage!

Amanpour: How is Bashar al-Assad’s reform movement going

Abdullah: not well Christiane

Amanpour: is Bashar even in charge of
Syria anymore?

Abdullah: he updated his Facebook status to “still President”

Amanpour: well that’s good

Abdullah: once a week I meet with the
unwashed masses in the river Jordan

Amanpour: people say your wife is the
Marie Antoinette of Jordan

Abdullah: that’s just an attempt to
destabilize my government

Amanpour: can she pick her own ministers

Abdullah: this has got to stop -
it’s destroying Jordan!

Amanpour: you were Oprah’s final guest -
what is she like?

Abdullah: no that was Michael Jordan

Amanpour: I am sorry about that

Abdullah: so am I

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