Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet The Press - December 12, 2010

Austan Goolsbee - Council of Economic Advisors
Mike Bloomberg - Mayor of New York
Rep. Anthony Weiner - (D-NY)
Harold Ford
Savannah Guthrie
Paul Gigot
Gregory: Is the tax deal going to pass?

Goolsbee: sure it will - we can’t allow taxes to go up

Gregory: some people hate it

Goolsbee: I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow

Gregory: Larry Summers says we’re going to have a double-dip recession - is he just trying to scare people?

Goolsbee: [ puts flashlight under chin ]
taxes will go up in 20 days!

Gregory: the tax cuts didn’t create jobs in the
first place

Goolsbee: true - but Obama scored an awesome deal for the Obama tax cuts

Gregory: do tax cuts stimulate the economy?

Goolsbee: not for the rich - but it’s a compromise
to help working families

Gregory: will you really raise taxes on the
rich in 2012?

Goolsbee: it’s possible - after all some say the world will also come to an end

Gregory: the tax cuts for the rich will add to the deficit!

Goolsbee: adding by not raising taxes?

Gregory: right

Goolsbee: look Fluffy Obama agrees with you
and Tim Geithner!

Gregory: but how can you show you’re serious like me!

Goolsbee: if you want to cut the debt we have to grow the economy

Gregory: that’s not what Tim Geithner said

Goolsbee: yes he did

Gregory: whatever

Gregory: isn’t it a fundamental flaw that this deal doesn’t solve the deficit once and for all?

Goolsbee: you mean like every Republican plan since 1980?

Gregory: don’t we have to raise taxes on the
middle class right now!!

Goolsbee: there’s a lot we can’t afford Greggers

Gregory: when will unemployment go down?

Goolsbee: soonever

Gregory: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Gregory: Mayor what do you think of the tax deal

Bloomberg: hey at least they got something done

Gregory: but it’s not a long-term permanent solution!

Bloomberg: so what?

Gregory: but the debt!! [ screeches ]

Bloomberg: well maybe you should ask your Republican friends about that Fluffers

Gregory: but it seems like we’re not serious about tackling the debt problem

Bloomberg: we’re not

Gregory: so sad

Bloomberg: Obama’s job is to persuade people
to sacrifice

Gregory: do tax cuts stimulate the economy?

Bloomberg: sure - people take the money and spend it

Gregory: but the Bush tax cuts didn’t create any jobs

Bloomberg: are you deaf Greggers - I said rich people spend and invest money

Gregory: Is Obama a fighter or weak?

Bloomberg: well now he’s leading - by making
deals and accommodations

Gregory: I see

Bloomberg: we need to support the President to help the nation succeed

Gregory: how does he deal with Angry Liberals

Bloomberg: tell them to suck it up

Gregory: don’t Americans need to suffer with austerity?

Bloomberg: we need investment!

Gregory: really?

Bloomberg: we need a new great American innovation like the Erie Canal, national railroads, WWII, the Internet or the army of robots roaming
the subways of New York City

Gregory: what was that last one?

Bloomberg: I’ve said too much

Gregory: what must we do now?

Bloomberg: we must give people false confidence in the future - then they will spend wildly

Gregory: give me a tough choice you would make

Bloomberg: let foreign geniuses move to the U.S.

Gregory: sweet

Bloomberg: It’s national suicide to force businesses to only hire Americans

Gregory: are running for President?

Bloomberg: no

Gregory: are you in favor of scrapping political parties?

Bloomberg: they are very annoying

Gregory: you’re running aren’t you?

Bloomberg: We’re creating jobs here in
New York City!

Gregory: If I came to you and got down on my hands and knees and begged you to run - would you?

Bloomberg: no I’m too modest

Gregory: what do you want to do?

Bloomberg: I’d like to be the greatest Mayor of all time

Gregory: you attacked the left and right -
that tickles me in my special place

Bloomberg: thanks Fluffy

Gregory: could you roll Congress better than Obama?

Bloomberg: NYC is rocking and rolling

Gregory: but isn’t that easier said than done?

Bloomberg: Actually Obama is doing it

Gregory: really?

Bloomberg: and he’s creating awesome trade agreements

Gregory: what else should he do?

Bloomberg: Obama needs businessmen who have swept the floor for their employees

Gregory: I can’t say I’ve ever done that

[ break ]

Gregory: Obama brought in Bill Clinton to defend
his tax deal

Guthrie: The Bid Dog was in his element

Clinton: a Mexican Stand-Off ain’t gonna work

Weiner: I'm biased because Clinton married me

Gregory: I see

Weiner: When Bill Clinton compromised it was different because the debt is a problem now

Gregory: will you vote for this?

Weiner: Congress will begin to do our job - with
19 days left in the session

Ford: we got everything we wanted!

Gregory: really!?

Ford: Anthony is so worried about the debt - most of that come from the middle class cuts

Gigot: Obama endorsed Bush’s ideas!

Weiner: I’m not running around with my tail between with my legs!

Gregory: Is Obama?

Weiner: we have the numbers - we don’t have a
weak hand!

Guthrie: Obama is staring at the barrel of a gun

Gregory: wow

Guthrie: why didn’t the Democrats run on raising taxes before November?

Ford: I would like to note that Bush was a big-spending craptacular President

Gregory: let’s raise taxes on everyone!

Gigot: Yes! except the rich!

Gregory: Obama called the left sanctimonious purists

Weiner: Obama is right - if he had fought harder for the public option we would have it -
the people love it!

Ford: excuse me Tony - the public rejected liberals in November

Guthrie: Obama is finally fighting - against the left!

Gregory: Krauthammer says Obama pulled a Kenyan-style swindle

Gigot: Republicans promised to raise the debt and by golly they did it

Weiner: Republicans got what they wanted -
it’s frustrating!

Gigot: because they get to vote too

Weiner: Obama backed away from this fight!

Ford: Anthony the Democrats lost 60 seats -
did you know that?

Gregory: Is Obama a pragmatist?

Guthrie: this is who Obama is - the progressives wanted John Edwards

Gregory: okay then

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