Sunday, December 05, 2010

60 Minutes - Interview with Mark Zuckerberg Dec. 5, 2010

Stahl: did you plan to have 500 million people turn their lives over to you?

Zuckerberg: I never knew people would be
that crazy - heh

Stahl: what does the word “hack” mean?

Zuckerberg: it means coding like a freaking maniac

Stahl: what’s a ‘hackathon’?

Zuckerberg: it’s staying up from dusk til dawn
doing crazy things

Stahl: you’re vampires

Zuckerberg: Shhhh

Stahl: Facebook is entirely different starting tomorrow

Zuckerberg: rights it’s a ticker tape of your life

Stahl: now you can see all your friends and
your friends’ friends

Zuckerberg: right - assuming you actually have any

Stahl: what about personal privacy?

Zuckerberg: what is that?

Stahl: people think you are sneaky

Zuckerberg: we don’t sell your information

Stahl: you just compile it and let others take it

Zuckerberg: if others do we hunt them down and
have them killed

Stahl: Doesn’t Facebook have to use information?

Swisher: of course

Zuckerberg: we don’t get it right all the time

Stahl: you hired a lobbyist

Zuckerberg: we love privacy - that’s why we
want to take it

Stahl: if Facebook creating a phone?

Facebook guy: no - we just want to own it

Stahl: is e-mail dead?

Facebook guy: no we haven’t killed it - yet

Stahl: are Google and Facebook on a collision course?

Swisher: Facebook smash!

Zuckerberg: the whole world is social!

Stahl: you’re stealing talent from Google - you even took their chef!

Zuckerberg: a man’s gotta eat

Stahl: you want to conquer the entire Internet

Zuckerberg: why stop there?

Stahl: Half a billion people give you their personal information - so who the hell are you?

Zuckerberg: I’m the inventor of Facebook

Stahl: you saw the movie

Zuckerberg: yes

Stahl: it says you only created Facebook to
get girls

Zuckerberg: not true - I created Facebook
to crush people

Stahl: are you a great entrepeneur?

Zuckerberg: well I sure don’t suck at it

Winklevoss brothers: We invented social networks and Zuckerberg betrayed us!

Stahl: but you didn’t invent social networking dudes

Winklevoss: he was our teammate - that bastard!

Stahl: why are you still suing Facebook?

Winklevoss: This is all about principles - he took our shitty idea and created a 30 billion dollar company!

Stahl: what is the deal the Winklevoss brothers?

Zuckerberg: I volunteered to help those losers and then I created a real website

Stahl: do you feel bad?

Zuckerberg: um no - those spoiled brats are crazy

Zuckerberg: you coined the term toddler CEO

Swisher: well like a toddler he’s grown immensely

Stahl: what were you right about?

Zuckerberg: I turned down an offer of a measly $1 billion

Stahl: when will you go public and can I get
some stock?

Zuckerberg: I don’t know, and no

Stahl: you’re a 26 year-old self made billionaire - do you ever pinch yourself? I mean really so it hurts

Zuckerberg: It’s pretty fucking amazing Leslie

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