Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Week - August 29, 2010

Arne Duncan: Sec. of Education
Randi Weingarten: President AFT
Michelle Rhee
Jamie Oliver
Amanpour: Good morning - American kids perform worse than kids from Azerbijian but we’re still kicking Somalia’s ass - I think

Audience: yay

Amanpour: don’t worry America a former pro-basketball player is on the case

Amanpour: Arne what’s your plan to put U.S.
kids ahead of Estonia?

Duncan: we need to pay teachers based on how
well kids do

Amanpour: do you hate teachers?

Duncan: no I love teachers in general just not specifically

Weingarten: you have to look at teacher performance data in context

Duncan: it empowers teachers by publishing data
on how well their kids do

Amanpour: Michelle are you getting rid of
deadwood teachers

Rhee: we now evaluate teachers based on their kids scores and if they can recite the pledge of allegiance and how much chalk they use

Amanpour: the teachers contract is very thick and it makes it difficult to fire bad teachers

Weingarten: hey states with teachers unions do really well

Amanpour: yeah but we need to get rid of the bad teachers - that will save America

Weingarten: well fine - let’s improve teacher evaluation but let’s also admit teachers want to do well and teachers are not the real problem

Duncan: we have get kids ready for a college education they can’t possibly afford

Rhee: the best teachers will get a bonus and they really stupid ones will have to go into investment banking or on Fox news

Duncan: teachers need to know science like how early man celebrated Christmas by riding
to the edge of the earth on dinosaurs

Weingarten: we could base Arne Duncan’s pay
on his performance

Duncan: um now hold on a minute

Weingarten: Finland teaches kids better than we do

Amanpour: well sure it’s dark 10 months a year

Rhee: we need aggressive principals who are will kick some teacher ass

Duncan: we’ve dumbed down education standards for years and the result is Dancing with the Stars
and the Glen Beck rally

Amanpour: good point

[ break ]

Amanpour: we have an obesity problem in America because public school food makes kids fat

Kessler: the brains of millions of Americans are being hijacked by fat and ignorance

Amanpour: enough about Rush Limbaugh

Amanpour: 1 in 3 American kids are fat and the British kids are weighed in stones

Oliver: the solution is not rocket science -
just eat healthier

Amanpour: but people love junk food

Oliver: sure - fries are delicious

Amanpour: so can you succeed?

Oliver: yes and healthy food raises test scores

Amanpour: what can Congress do?

Oliver: they can pass a bill to spend $4 billion and save $100 billion; save millions of lives and make
the nation more competitve

Amanpour: so your saying it’s far-sighted and a no-brainer

Oliver: right

Amanpour: and you expect it to get through Congress?

Oliver: I educated people in West Virginia and if I can do it there I can do it on Capitol Hill

Amanpour: David Letterman says crappy food is Big Business so you can’t succeed

Oliver: He may be right but McDonald’s changed in Europe due to public pressure - in England they make healthy food and in France they have the ‘Royale with cheese’

Amanpour: awesome

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