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This Week with George Stephanopoulos - February, 1, 2009

This Week with George Stephanopoulos
February, 1, 2009

Stephanopoulos: Buy American?

Schmidt: screw that - my grandma was a telephone operator and she lost her job to the PhoneBot 2000

Frank: There are British riots hating on Italians - they don't want them taking their Top Chef jobs

Stephanopoulos: that's not good for anyone

DeMint: i have a suggestion - let's cut taxes and regulations!!

Frank: oh yeah that's the problem - not enough regulations

DeMint: [ interrupts ] that's so gai

Frank: shut up ya neocon freak

DeMint: don't call it stimulus when it's government spending

Frank: but it is

DeMint: this is biggest spending ever in history

Frank: no that's the war in Iraq which is apparently free

Stephanopoulos: sorry we're not allowed to talk about that

Frank: well that's the problem isn't it?

FedEx: you have to understand that poor Wall Street types depend on bonuses but then again if you take taxpayer money you should probably not have a $1,400 wastebasket

Stephanopoulos: are teh CEOs idiots?

Schmidt: the best way to compensate CEOs is first with stock and then with taxpayer money

Frank: speaking of the Iraq war this is collateral damage in reverse it’s "collateral benefit" which is when you help people and accidentally aid scumbags

Stephanopoulos: interesting point

Frank: don't underestimate the anger of average American over all this stealing

DeMint: we know cutting taxes jolts the economy immediately

Stephanopoulos: how do we know that?

DeMint: the Heritage Foundation said so

Frank: oh well fuck it then

DeMint: don't call it stimulus when all you are doing is building a bridge - how many Hummers does that buy?

Frank: you are stimulating people from not dying from a collapsed bridge

DeMint: if spending worked America would have the best economy in the world

Frank: Jim why do you hate America??

Stephanopoulos: Obama Failed. To get GOP votes.

Will: Obama let liberals write this bill just because they won the 2008 elections it's outrageous

Stephanopoulos: so?

Will: the protectionism will cost jobs

Stephanopoulos: oh of course

Sanger: the issue is should we kill America like Dems want or fix America like GOP want?

Stephanopoulos: that's it

Woodward: the banks are breaking and liberals want to act without knowing facts - unlike the Bush administration

Stephanopoulos: Obama has failed domestically -
how is he failing internationally?

Radatz: give him time

Stephanopoulos: Afghanistan is Obama's Vietnam

Will: I can't believe Obama got us into Afghanistan it's the size of Texas - is he insane???

Stephanopoulos: who's fault is this?

Will: Obama - and Bill Clinton

Radatz: it's so big the whole idea of going into Afghanistan is crazy!!

Woodward: it's nuts!!

Woodward: When is the peace Obama promised a week ago??? Where is it???

Sanger: he's a failure like Bush!!

Stephanopoulos: so true

Sanger: Obama is going to have invade Pakistan if he aspires to be a great failure like George Bush

Stephanopoulos: should we surrender to the Taliban?

Will: Bush was better because he aspired to greatness and failed where Obama has lower expectations and may succeed

Radatz: the whole idea of being in Afghanistan is ridiculous

Stephanopoulos: did you point this out when Bush was President?

Radatz: no - he gave me a nickname and wiggled his fingers at me once

Woodward: why are we in Afghanistan it's an outrage!!

Radatz: meanwhile Iraq is a paradise

Will: a gangsta's paradise?

Woodward: but but but we have no strategy only a plan!!

Sanger: I agree Obama has made one mistake after another -- first invading Iraq and now Afghanistan

Stephanopoulos: it's crazy

Sanger: Bush was a wonderful President and Obama is very nice but he's no Chimpy

Woodward: speaking from 30,000 feet for a moment

Audience: ban this whiny fucker

Will: the economy here is bad imagine who bad it is in Afghanistan

Stephanopoulos: and all the money Obama wants to spend there!

Sanger: People have begun to understand that Iraq was very expensive

Stephanopoulos: Just in time!

Sanger: and invading Iraq took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan

Stephanopoulos: Truly Obama is a bad President

Radatz: indeed

Woodward: i would like whine some more

[ whine whine whine ]

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Anonymous said...

DeMint: this is biggest spending ever in history

Frank: no that's the war in Iraq which is apparently free

Stephanopoulos: sorry we're not allowed to talk about that