Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - February 15, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show
February 15, 2009
Matthews: OMG Obama failed to get GOP votes when he got his bill passed!!!

Obama: i didn't want to spend to fix Republicans' fuck-ups

Fineman: Obama did fail to get GOP votes but he did sort of get what he wanted

Kay: i don't think it matters how many GOP votes he got - after all the bill passed

Matthews: Obama told us to vote against him if there is no magic recovery

Guthrie: privately they will admit Obama failed in getting GOP votes

Matthews: What else went wrong?

Guthrie: Liberals loaded it with frivolous pork

Matthews: oh noes

Sullivan: ha ha ha the GOP discovered fiscal conservatism - they're insane and hypocrites

Matthews: but we're in a crisis

Sullivan: which is their fault!

Matthews: but they're the daddy party

Kay: you're so weird

Matthews: Daddyyyyyyy

Matthews: sure obama may rescue America's economy - but what about univerasal health care and flying cars?

Guthrie: there's long-term plans there for example Green jobs

Matthews: do you like Horse and Rabbit stew

Fineman: yes Chris the Democrats are screwed

Matthews: is that what I asked?

Fineman: yes

Matthews: Ha Dems hate bipartisanship!

Matthews: Will the Dems stay united??

Sullivan: we have to persuade the Chinese to keep lending us money by making elderly people get second jobs

Matthews: how does he win a second term

Sullivan: to be a real fiscal conservative

Fineman: he's going to need the GOP

Guthrie: the GOP will eventually give in to the Democrats

Matthews: oh of course also Lucy will someday hold that football

Matthews: OMG PEW poll says we're in a Depression!! - we're all eating a McDonald's and riding Greyhoud!

Fineman: taking the bus?

Matthews: no i'm riding an actual greyhound to work

Kay: Americans need to change their whole lifestyles

Fineman: the American dream is to win a world war and live better off the misery of others

Guthrie: Obama is bringing us down with all his talk about sacrifice

Matthews: why not

Guthrie: what about layaway? Americans are so selfish for not borrowing more!

Sully: exactly i live like a peon in my gilden cage with velvet pillow

Matthews: really?

Sully: what can I say I'm weird

Kay: We're going to have spend 100% of GDP

Tweety: wow!

Fineman: the census is coming which means we have to count all the brown people

Guthrie: the Obamas watched Bejamin Button in the White House last Sunday

Tweety: did they like it?

Guthrie: I'll let you know when it ends

Sullivan: Obama will nationalise banks

Tweety: wow i never knew that

Sully: it's stealth nationalisation - first he replaces all the pens with ones with the White House logo and Obama's face one them

Matthews: investigate torture

Kay: nah why bother

Fineman: the House will go first

Guthrie: Obama isn't going to do it

Sullivan: you're missing the point - the Court system will have to investigate lawsuits which will be filed

Tweets: oh my

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