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This Week With George Stephanopoulos - May 25, 2008

This Week With George Stephanopoulos
May 25, 2008
Guest: David Axelrod

Stephanopoulos: dave you know that Hillary wasn't really saying Clinton wasn't hoping that Obama be assassinated right dood

AxelRod: yeah but even she admitted it was pretty bad

Steph: yeah but you loved stirring this pot

AxelRod: let's move on we've gotten enough mileage out of it

Steph: Hillary says today she has lost the math but is still better than Obama

AxelRod: yeah she also counts phantom votes from Michigan

Steph: she says he is more popular than he is

AxelRod: well this isn't American Idol -- after all the wrong guy won that too

Steph: Mich and Florida are two of our more fucked up states

AxelRod: indeed they are - but we have to throw the crazies a bone

Steph: when do you wrap this up?

AxelRod: either June or September

Steph: she says she is better than you nationally

AxelRod: not true - look at Virginia or California or Ohio

Steph: 25% of Democrats hate you

AxelRod: McCain doesn't even have an opponent and he can't win 70% - it's sad

Steph: you lost Kentucky and West Virginia

AxelRod: that's ok Obama is going to run with that banjo-playing kid from Deliverance -- that will put us over the top

Steph: wow big news

AxelRod: ding ding ding ding ding....

Steph: Feinstein says you should run with Hillary

AxelRod: nope - we have women who know about the high price of milk

Steph: Got Milk?


Steph: Hillary fans will stay home cause Obama is sexist

A-Rod: well I hope they are happy when Roe v Wade is overturned

Steph: McCain says Obama should get a drivers license before he becomes president

A-Rod: this coming from a guy whose family won't let him drive the family car

Steph: why, too old?

A-Rod: no the jangling keys scare him

[ break ]

Steph: hello Karl and congrats for staying out of prison

Karl Rove: McCain is old but Obama is about change

Steph: play concern troll for me

Rove: Obama is a hypocrite he should spend the summer working with Republicans passing legislation

Steph: that's ridiculous why would the GOP give him legislation in middle of 2008

Rove: ok let him put a Republican on the ticket

Steph: you're full of great ideas

Steph: what about McCain?

Rove: he has to be the change and reform candidate

Steph: Huggy Bear???

Rove: he must fake it like my wife does

Steph: he's screwed isn't he?

Rove: no he must authentically play the fear and race card

Steph: even Mike Murphy told McCain to stop acting like an jerk

Rove: that's Nagourney he's an asshole

Steph: what else does he need to do

Rove: get 4 decades younger

Steph: the GOP is toxic and radioactive

Rove: these things wax and wane but people are basically conservative

Steph: they just hate karl rove and george bush

Rove: eeeeeek

Steph: you're losing seats left and right

Rove: true but lets put this in context we only lost because the Dems pointed out that the GOP is totally corrupt not that our ideas are bad

Steph: this is all your fault isn't it?

Rove: our hopes lie with John Boehner

Steph: omg you are truly fucked

Rove: hey i won my elections - fuck the younger generation

Steph: you conspired to put Don Siegelman in prison and now they are going after you piggy

Rove: oh c'mon all the people accused of crimes have denied it

Steph: that's not persuasive

Rove: well how about I argue separation of powers applies here

Steph: that allows you to commit crimes?

Rove: we offered to meet with Congress in secret and sadly they said no

Steph: ok tell me the truth about Don Siegelman

Rove: i learned that he was convicted from the newspaper

Steph: so you are not denying you broke the law, ruined the Justice department, and put innocent people in prison

Rove: who me?

Steph: yeah, dipshit you

Rove: well then no

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