Monday, May 19, 2008

This Week with George Stephanopolous - May 18, 2008

This Week with George Stephanopolous
May 18, 2008
Sen. Joe Biden
Rep. John Boehner

Stephanopolous: Bush went to the Knesset and bashed Hitler and you said the President is full of shit

Biden: lets call it what it is - demeaning to the Presidency

Steph: he says he wasn't talking about Barack

Biden: well his people says he was

Steph: who among us doesn't dislike Hitler

Biden: yes and the President in his interview with Politico says he doesn't like to go the middle east just to get cheap applause

McCain [on tape]: it's reckless to talk with Iran!

Biden: hey I met with Khaddafi and while a vicious terrorist he was actually a very charming guy

Steph: and a snappy dresser

Biden: bush went on Jeopardy with Kim Jong Il

Steph: sounds like you are calling it hypocrisy

Biden: i am trying to be polite so I will just call it horseshit

Steph: but teh Iranians are evil!

Biden: well Bush should fire Bob Gates then

Steph: but talking is weak!!

Biden: bush has failed at every level - look Iran is about to build a bomb what's he going to do about that??

Steph: grandstand until they surrender?

Biden: yeah that will work

Steph: but Obama is so naive!!

Biden: Bush is a cheap smear artist who has to hide in the Knesset

Steph: oooooh

Steph: why not endorse Obama?

Biden: hillary is the most powerful woman in politics and I’m afraid of her

Steph: what about Pelosi?

Biden: no i mean literally powerful - Hillary can bench press like 200 pounds


Steph: Boehner you guys really suck

Boner: all the people get from the Dems are broken promises but the GOP never makes promises except to fuck people over which we do

Steph: fair enough

Boner: we learned our lesson from now one we will pretend to care about people

Steph: people hate you and Bush

Boner: this isn't about our past fuck-ups it's about the fuck-ups we will make in the future

Steph: you are losers

Boner: gas prices - the Pelosi premium!

Steph: you're kidding

Boner: no i'm a liberal me and Ted Kennedy are best friends

Steph: what about George W Bush?

Boner: never heard of him


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