Monday, May 12, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - May 11, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
May 11, 2008

Matthews: omg how does Obama win back whites and women?!?!?

Hillary: only lazy blacks supports him

Heileman: she can't deliver the archie bunker vote - anyway he's been classy this whole campaign so he can win people back

Mathews: but my white female friends are very bitter

Allen: hey the dood is part-white

Matthews: i agree with you Ron but you are wrong

Kay: i think she will support Obama otherwise she will look like a total crybaby

Cottle: there is no policy gap there is only the white woman, the black man, and the crazy anti abortionist

Matthews: isn't Obama responsible for the oppression of all women everywhere??

Cottle: yes but now as a woman she must stand by her man

Heileman: she needs to salvage her reputation

Tweety: but Reagan killed Gerald Ford and it helped him - nice guys finish last

Heileman: but those were Republicans -- they are happily evil

Tweety: Hillary is very popular among working class whites - can she deliver Ohio??

Cottle: no that was just against the elitist black man -- your argument is completely stupid

Tweety: i never thought of that

Heileman: do want to the Clintons inside the tent smearing out - or outside the tent sliming in?

Matthews: what will Hillary do now - does she wants to live a fancy town like Albany

Heileman: no way

Matthews: what's the downside to being Governor?

Heileman: Albany is sheer hell

Matthews: there are some nice areas

Heileman: those ARE the nice areas

Matthews: what about become another Scoop Jackson or LBJ

Kay: the friction between her and Dodd is to difficult

Allen: what about Obama hating on her

Matthews: what do you think

Allen: i don't know

Heileman: look guys she really really believes Obama is going to lose in November so that's her plan

Tweety: and she's been right about everything so far

Tweety: Tell me something I don't know

Allen: Obama claims victory after Oregon

Cottle: Cat Fight!

Heileman: your new nickname is Gossamer

Matthews: biggest mistake of the Clinton campaign

Kay: running to the right in the primary - whoops!

Allen: running an old fashioned campaign hey we have teh Internets now

Cottle: running on competence instead of change

Heileman: running a micro-campaign: men know that never works

Tweety: supporting the Iraq war


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