Sunday, January 03, 2016

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – January 3, 2016

Host: Martha Raddatz
Dr. Ben Carson
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Suzanne Vega
Alex Castellanos
Van Jones
Matt Bai

Raddatz: holy fuck it's an election year
and Iowa is only weeks a away

Raddatz: remember in 2008 Obama
shocked everyone winning Iowa and
then Clinton won in New Hampshire
so anything can happen!

Raddatz: get ready for more
insults and zingers and one liners!

Raddatz: who will rise and who will stumble?!

Llamas: wow one year ago Jeb was
the front runner and no one thought
Trump would even run and now he's
going to be our new dictator

Trump: Mexicans is rapists!

Llamas: in 2015 53 people ran for the
GOP nomination which made it hard for
anyone who wasn't a game show host

Llamas: Rubio is now the 
establishment candidate

Llamas: Ben Carson was once
the front-runner and now is in 4th place!

Llamas: it's now the voter's turn to
decide who the winners are instead of us

Raddatz: welcome Doctor Carson

Carson: nice to be here Mandy

Raddatz: your campaign is in total chaos

Carson: I need people who know
what the fuck they're doing

Raddatz: I see

Carson: a business man I have
learned you need people with 
experience with executions

Raddatz: you were going to fire staffers
and they quit before you could

Carson: that is true

Raddatz: it seems like have trouble
getting competent people to work with you

Carson: in the next few weeks my
campaign is going to take off like a rocket!

Raddatz: what was wrong?

Carson: we couldn't get our policies out

Raddatz: really?

Carson: I want a culture of openness

Raddatz: I see

Carson: also we need ideas
and a strategy and reason to be

Raddatz: whats the deal with 
Armstrong Williams?

Carson: no doubt he's a bit of dumbass
but he's a close friend of mine

Raddatz: Saudia Arabia executed
a prominent Shiite cleric

Carson: Obama made them do it
by giving Iran a nuclear bomb

Raddatz: so you support their execution 
of this cleric?

Carson: no but Obama is a silly person

Raddatz: you think Muslims shouldn't 
be President

Carson: political correctness will 
destroy America!

Raddatz: okay

Carson: the jihadis have said
they will use political correctness
to take over the USA

Raddatz: I didn't know that

Carson: if you go across the water from
Libya you're in Europe where they've
established a caliphate

Raddatz: should Donald Trump watch 
what he says

Carson: stop worry about offending
Muslims and worry about fighting them

Raddatz: thanks for coming Doctor

Carson: you too Mary

[ break ]

Raddatz: well panelists
what do you think?

Castellanos: Ben Carson is doomed
which is bad for Republicans because it
helps Ted Cruz who no one likes

Raddatz: interesting

Castellanos: Ben Carson is the moral
and spiritual leader of the GOP

Stewart: Carson is great surgeon
but his campaign is in disarray

Bai: it's not organizational problem

Jones: the person he needs to fire
is Ben Carson

Raddatz: that would really shake
his campaign up

Jones: he's a narcissist – no he
takes no personal responsibility

Castellanos: that's not fair – he's not a
narcissist he just thinks America needs
a total moral renewal and he's the one to do it

[ break ]

Vega: omg a year ago Hillary Clinton was
leading but now an old socialist and a
game show host threaten her

Vega: Sanders draws big crowds!

Vega: and now former friend Donald
Trump attacks Hillary and Bill Clinton too

Vega: Bill Clinton is unleashed in New
Hampshire but Sanders is from New England

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Bernie Sanders

Sanders: it's great to be here Maggie

Raddatz: you're too much of a political insider

Sanders: thats crazy – I've taken
on every special interest there is!

Raddatz: perhaps

Sanders: the whole system is corrupt Martha!

Raddatz: you've been saying this 25
years and nothing has changed

Sanders: but now the middle class are
finally fed up and they won't take it anymore

Raddatz: but Clinton is leading in Iowa

Sanders: I'm getting huge 
crowds there Martha

Raddatz: that's nice

Sanders: people are sick of establishment
economics and a corrupt campaign finance system!

Raddatz: is Bill Clinton's sex life fair game?

Sanders: no it's a stupid question Martha

Raddatz: all right then

Sanders: climate change is not a hoax
and we need a higher minimum wage!

Raddatz: you called Trump a pathological liar

Sanders: well he is

Raddatz: but that's mean

Sanders: American Muslims didn't
celebrate after 9/11

Raddatz: I suppose not

Raddatz: Obama will require gun background
checks but isn't that very divisive?

Sanders: well I wish we could get bipartisan
consensus through Congress but we can't

Raddatz: that's true

Sanders: but there is a national consensus
that we should have background checks
so aren't the GOP the ones being divisive?

Raddatz: you just blew my mind

Raddatz: you favor air strikes in Iraq

Sanders: yes but only with Muslim troops
volunteering to do the actual fighting

Raddatz: well good luck with that

Sanders: thanks Mandy

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