Sunday, September 13, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – September 13, 2015

Host: Martha Raddatz
Jonathan Karl
Terry Moran
Cecilia Vega
Ben Carson
General John Allen (Ret.)
Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX)

Raddatz: OMG Hillary is
tied with Donald Trump!

Raddatz: holy shit Clinton
does better with women

Raddatz: could Ben Carson
beat the Trumpster?!?

Karl: Trump called Carly ugly!

Jeb: bad Donald!

Jindal: he's an egomaniac and weak

Carson: Trump hates Lorde!

Trump: Carson is a bad doctor!

Cruz: I brought Trump to my
Canadian rally because he
brings tv cameras

Karl: it's all Trump All the Time!

Raddatz: welcome Doctor Carson

Carson: thanks Martha

Raddatz: how do you respond
to the tough question that you
are amazingly popular?

Carson: we live in a sound-bite
society Maggie

Raddatz: people think you are
honest and brilliant and wonderful
how do you respond?

Carson: I can't argue Madge

Raddatz: you are so god-loving
how do you win over sinners?

Carson: our country is in
grave danger and America
may not survive unless we elect
an inexperienced physician to
run the federal government

Raddatz: you say you fear Lorde
and and Donald Trump doesn't

Carson: the media enjoy creating a
fight – I wasn't calling Trump an
atheist just a godless lover of money

Trump: Carson can't negotiate
with China because he's half-asleep
all the time

Carson: I have plenty of energy
I'm in surgery for 20 hours at a time
and I'm awake for much of tha

Raddatz: you apologized to Trump
that's very un-Presidential

Carson: well why not?

Raddatz: why should we pick
a surgeon to run the executive
branch of the federal government?

Carson: I've also been in the
corporate world which prepares
you for being the Commander-in-Chief

Raddatz: how would solve
the Syria refugees crisis?

Carson: I would keep them all
out because they might be terrorists

Raddatz: thanks for coming Doc

[ break ]

Vega: omg Joe Biden might run
for President or he might not!

Raddatz: oh wow

Vega: we all thought he would run
but then he said his heart is not in it

Raddatz: darn it

Vega: Clinton danced on 'Ellen'
is this the new spontaneous Hillary?

Raddatz: Joe Biden is so emotional

Karl: don't count him out –
Biden might still run!

Raddatz: is the Clinton campaign
rolling out a new authentic Hillary?

Vega: yes they are creating
chances for her to be spontaneous

Raddatz: can you manufacture that?

Vega: but the reality is she's a liar

Raddatz: and the e-mail scandal
won't go away because we
keep reporting on it

Karl: Biden could be President! He wants it!

Raddatz: what if he runs? 
What does Clinton do?

Vega: Clinton owns Iowa – Biden is in trouble!

Raddatz: great analysis –
you both give great pundit!

Raddatz: omg could ISIS infiltrate Europe!

Moran: Hungary is closing
its borders – even to children!

Moran: Germany loves Syrian refugees!

Moran: they are thrilled to make
it to Munich which is something
you didn't used to hear from poor
minority refugees on trains

Moran: they floated and walked
and took a bus and swam to Germany

Moran: Hungary put illegal
immigrants in prison – can you believe it!?

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome General Allen

Raddatz: is the U.S. winning
the war against ISIS?

Allen: yes

Raddatz: should the U.S. help the refugees?

Allen: yes because we invaded
Iraq which started this nightmare

Raddatz: how is the war
against ISIS coming?

Allen: we're making remarkable progress

Raddatz: really?

Allen: the Iraqi government
is actually functioning which
is frankly amazing

Raddatz: oh great

Allen: we even have a coalition against ISIS

Raddatz: but ISIS controls Mosul

Allen: but we took back Tikrit and Khobani

Raddatz: but Khobani is 
desolate and dangerous

Allen: well so is Camden

Raddatz: true enough

Allen: Syria can't be solved
militarily – Assad has to go

Raddatz: Syria is getting worse
for the people of Syria which
means Obama has failed

Allen: of course

Raddatz: the refugees could 
be a Jihadi pipeline!

Allen: that's true but I have
confidence in the FBI

Raddatz: but are those starving
refugees a potential threat to Americans?

Allen: not really Martha

Raddatz: thanks for coming General

Allen: you too Martha

break ]

Raddatz: welcome Congressman

McCaul: you too Martha

Raddatz: how do you balance 
empathy with terror?

McCaul: blame Obama!

Raddatz: okay

McCaul: Obama should have
invaded and occupied Syria
a long time ago!

Raddatz: perhaps he was too
busy responding to your investigations
of Benghazi to attack another country
in the middle east

McCaul: I take ISIS at their word
they're very trustworthy terrorists

Raddatz: well known I'm terrified

McCaul: so am I Martha!!

Raddatz: eeek!

McCaul: the FBI told me we
don't have the system in place
to identify everyone in Syria

Raddatz: or in America

McCaul: we're a compassionate
nation but letting refugees in will
lead to Americans being beheaded

Raddatz: are you concerned that
the Pope's visit will lead to terrorism?

McCaul: oh definitely – we've
already disrupted several attacks
and he's not even here yet

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