Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – February 15, 2015

Host: Martha Raddatz
Terry Moran
Alex Marquardt
Pierre Thomas
Steve Osunsami
Jon Karl
Adm. Robert Harward
John Cohen – Fmr Counter-Terror DHS
Steven Reed - Alabama Probate Judge
Donna Brazile
Jim VandeHei – Politico

Raddatz: OMG this is the scariest 
time since 9/11

Raddatz: ISIS is killing Americans 
and I'm freaking out

Raddatz: and there was a 
terror attack in Denmark!

Moran: the attack came without warning

Raddatz: who was attacked?

Moran: the usual threats – 
a cartoonist and a synagogue

Raddatz: right

Moran: they were discussing freedom
of expression when bullets were fired
which put a damper on that talk

Raddatz: got it

Moran: then the terrorist shot at
a synagogue but the Danes killed him

Raddatz: the danes are great

Moran: the terrorists was
arabic-looking and had a machine gun

Raddatz: oh my

Moran: police have blanketed
the capital with police

Raddatz: just in timetable

[ break ]

Raddatz: was this a copycat and
why can't murderers be more original?

Cohen: these murders
are the new normal

Raddatz: eep

Cohen: they might be members
of ISIS or just inspired by them

Raddatz: how do you protect
everyone all the time?

Cohen: local police have work
with cafes to teach them how to stop
terrorists using hot coffee and despair

Raddatz: Bibi is calling for a massive
immigration of Jews from Europe to Israel
how terrified should Jews be?

Cohen: very concerned – it would be
a shame if Jews ever felt they had to
leave Europe over fear for their safety

Raddatz: inconceivable!

[ break ]

Raddatz: Obama wants the
authority to start a big war with ISIS

Obama: this is a big deal people!

Raddatz: this barren landscape
seems easy to cross

Harward: sure but during
rush hour your best bet is Uber Camel

Raddatz: this is so absolutely terrifying

Marquardt: all the kids these
days are rushing to join ISIS

Raddatz: but others want
to fight against ISIS

Raddatz: would you fight go to Syria to ISIS

Young Man: yes! I mean maybe –
we'll see - I have a lot going on right now

Raddatz: but we were also
in a small town in Jordan
with 25% unemployment
and they want to fight for ISIS

Young Man: Syrians are our brothers
and we wish to fight for them but then
again there's the SNL reunion coming up
and then taxes are due and stuff

Raddatz: why would you fight?

Iman: burning a pilot alive was
a mistake but we are fighting
Assad for the sake of God

Hardward: we're going to get 'em Martha!

Raddatz: for real?

Hardward: we have an Arab coalition now
you know how scary those people are

Marquardt: but U.S. has conducted 2,000
air strikes and nothing has changed
except for Kobani which doesn't count

Raddatz: I'm petrified!

Harward: don't underestimate
us Martha – we will fuck their shit up

Raddatz: I was in Jordan and
they love ISIS for fuck's sake

Marquardt: burning a pilot alive horrifies
us but the kids today look at that and say
– 'dude I want to be a part of that'

Hardward: I think burni ng people 
alive will eventually be proven 
to be counter-productive

Marquardt: maybe but ISIS sees
burning people alive as a recruiting tool

[ break ]

Raddatz: OMG it's a threat
to the Homeland!

Thomas: foreign terrorists are
a clear and present danger!

Raddatz: aack!

Thomas: there are probably lots of
murdering terrorists in America now

Raddatz: holy moly

Thomas: Republicans worry we
have lots of terrorists in America

McCaul: the President has staged
a welcome party for murderers

Thomas: there's a tension between
letting in refugees and not being murdered

[ break ]

Karl: wow the Chief Justice of Alabama
is defying federal courts over hating gays

Moore: them gays is bad!

Osunsami: he says they don't
have obey federal courts

Moore: federal courts don't have
the power to order state courts around

Obama: supremacy clause dude

Karl: you are defying your 
own state chief justice!

Reed: I'm following federal law buddy

Karl: but the people of Alabama
hate gays so how can you issue
marriage licenses for bad people

Reed: because we are a nation of laws

Karl: but the Alabama Chief 
Justice disagrees with you

Reed: well he's a fucking bigot
and also a moron

Karl: if the U.S. Supreme Court 
affirms gay rights will then end 
the discussion in Alabama?

Reed: yeah right but just it did like
with school desegregation and abortion

[ break ]

Karl: holy cow Jeb's own mother
supports him now – this is a
total game changer!

Audience: oh his mommy sort-of 
likes him that changes everything

Karl: Biden might run!
People love him!

Karl: will Hillary Clinton run
on a Obama Third term?

Brazile: why not a third Clinton term?

Karl: good point

Brazile: the answer is neither
elections are about the future

VandeHei: Biden isn't running
because it's all Clinton

Costa: Democrats like Clinton but
many Democrats would like to see a fight

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