Sunday, February 01, 2015

Super Bowl Interview with the President – February 1, 2015

Savannah Guthrie

President Barack Obama

[ White House Kitchen ]

Guthrie: you have some beer here

Obama: I'm the first President to 
brew beer since George Washington 
although Franklin Pierce made moonshine 
in the White House bathtub

Guthrie: do you have a prediction 
for the game?

Obama: no because I don't want to 
alienate anyone but I'm worried 
about the Seattle secondary

Guthrie: what about deflategate?

Obama: why are NFL teams allowed to
bring their own balls to the game anyway?
That's some crazy shit

Guthrie: is it cheating?

Obama: it's breaking the rules

Guthrie: people say you are too cocky
shouldn't you be more humble?

Obama: hey I was celebrating low
unemployment and cheap gas and more
manufacturing and a bigger GDP up
and those are all good things

Guthrie: you proposed things you
know can't get through

Obama: I'm not so sure about that

Guthrie: oh come on you proposed
more taxes - you know Republicans
won't go for that unless it's on poor people

Obama: well if they have
better ideas let's hear them
Guthrie: now you're just talking crazy
Obama: a man can dream

Guthrie: this is your fourth quarter
so how do you want to end your Presidency

Obama: I want to see average people
benefit from all our successes

Guthrie: you've had six years to do that

Obama: sorry I was busy fixing
the Republican depression

Guthrie: can I have a beer?

Obama: this is honey ale from

Michelle's bee colony

Guthrie: sounds socialist

Obama: well it's defended by
drones and ruled by a queen

Guthrie: football or basketball?

Obama: I'm a basketball guy

Guthrie: offense or defense?

Obama: always offense!

Guthrie: wings or chips or guac

Obama: ooh tough one –

I guess I'd go for chips and guac

Guthrie: Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?

Obama: love 'em both

Guthrie: I had to try

Obama: you should drink that 
beer before the full interview 
– that would be good for both of us

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