Sunday, December 07, 2014

Meet The Press – December 7, 2014

Esaw Garner - Widow of Eric Ganer
Al Sharpton
Amy Walter
John Stanton
Rick Santelli
Mayor Kasim Reed (D-Atlanta)
Mayor Michael Nutter (D-Phila)
Cyrus Vance - Manhattan DA
Charles Ramsey - Phila. Police Comm.
Chuck Caterbury – President
of Fraternal Order of Police
Greg Abbott – Gov Elect (R-TX)

Todd: OMG thousands are
protesting coast-to-coast

Todd: amazingly though Republicans
and Democrats alike came together in
reaction the Eric Garner decision to
cry out with one voice “what the fuck?”

Eric Holder: I heard the grand jury
decision and was all 'what the fuck'

Boehner: I saw the tape
and was all like 'holy fuck'

Obama: seriously what
the ever loving fuck

George W Bush: I was talkin' to
black folks and we all said well
jesus fucking christ

de Blasio: I had to talk to my black
son about Eric Garner and we
were like motherfucking Staten Island

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Mrs. Garner

Garner: good morning

Todd: my condolences on your loss

Garner: thanks Charles

Todd: your husband is the face
of bias in law enforcement

Garner: it's not a black and white thing

Todd: no?

Garner: I don't see it that way

Todd: how do you see it

Garner: the police knew us –
they would see us on the street
and make fun of us and
harass us all the time

Todd: interesting

Garner: they would bug us and 
mock us and wouldn't leave 
him alone and finally they 
straight up murdered him

Todd: you're looking for a day in court

Garner: I can't let my sons outside the house

Todd: wow

Garner: my other son is in college
and I'm afraid of the police

Todd: are you really?

Garner: hell yes – that's why
I fled Staten Island

Todd: I don't blame you for that

Todd: the police union says
Eric Garner had to be killed
because he resisted arrest

Sharpton: look at the video
they choked him to death!

Todd: that's true

Sharpton: it's absurd

Garner: look my husband was
arrested lots of times and he
never resisted arrested

Todd: I see

Garner: I seen lots of people
resist arrest – hell I seen people pull
guns on cops and not be choked to death

Sharpton: so what if he did resist
the penalty is death??

Todd: what about the economic aspects?

Sharpton: yes – we need to jobs
and more infrastructure

[ break ]

Todd: white people don't think
there is a lot of racism

Audience: no!

Todd: Mayor Reed is your city's
police department racist?

Reed: um candidly the history of
Atlanta is that it was a home to 
racists but also to Martin Luther King

Todd: got it

Reed: we need to support police
but react to wrongs as well

Todd: got it

Reed: and we're going to
have cameras – count on it

Todd: this police brutality proves
Republicans are right to not
to trust government

Santelli: exactly hey I'm from the
financial sector where we make
enormous amounts of money but
then the government caused us
to to take huge risks and wreck the country

Todd: that's so sad

Santelli: but look at the Rolling Stone
article – the real victims of this
conversation will probably end
up being privileged white men

Stanton: in America people see
young black men as killers

Todd: that goes back hundreds of years

Walter: a long time

[ break ]

Todd: Mr Ramsey what will
your task force do?

Ramsey: in 90 days we have to create
a plan to fix law enforcement in America

Todd: problem solved

Ramsey: we'll look at trust and
also technology and stuff

Caterbury: look the grand jury
system works

Todd: um ok

Caterbury: but cops have 
always wanted more training

Todd: good

Caterbury: the media is blowing
this all out of proportion –
very few cops are indicted

Todd: yeah well some people 
think that's part of the problem

Caterbury: it's all those poor
people committing those crimes

Todd: can District Attorneys fairly
prosecute cops when they 
need them every day?

Vance: cops and DAs need
to be friendly but not cozy

Todd: friends with benefits?

Vance: I have prosected cops sometimes

Todd: what about a special prosecutor?

Vance: yes but look at Ken Starr –
we gave him an infinite budget
and unlimited power and the
guy went total psycho

Todd: even conservatives are
wondering if 'broken windows' logic
is broken which means we're now
allowed to talk about it

Nutter: we can't allow people
to commit crimes Todd

Todd: so zero tolerance?

Nutter: but we do need to ask why
cops keep killing unarmed black men

Todd: yes

Nutter: people are afraid of cops
and cops are afraid of police

Ramsey: the broken windows
strategy alienated the community

Todd: what about bias?

Vance: I'm against it

Todd: thanks for coming everyone

[ break ]

Todd: OMG a Democrat will not
represent Louisiana in the Senate
for the first time in 100 years

Audience: Katrina is the gift
that keeps on giving

Todd: House Republicans have 
their biggest majority since 
the Hoover Administration

Audience: what could possibly go wrong

Todd: people think members of
Congress are out of touch and don't
care about their problems or needs

Audience: no!

Todd: the median income is $53,000
and Congress make $174,000 and that
doesn't count spouses and that nice
lobbying money

Todd: also Congress does better
their income grew 15%

Audience: what a surprise

Todd: and their average net 
worth is one million dollars

Audience: poor things

Todd: 5% of America are millionaires
but for Congress it's ten times higher
50% are millionaires

Audience: sweet

[ break ]

Todd: the GOP hate Obama but
can't decide what do about it

Cruz: shut down the government!

King: then burn it to the ground!

Sessions: Obama is right –
we can't deport 11 million people
except criminals!

Rubio: Obama is right – 
the status quo is amnesty!

Tea Party: Heresy!

Boehner: shut up tea party

Graham: if we don't pass immigration
reform the Republican party will die

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Mr Abbott

Abbot: hi Todd

Todd: you're suing the President

Abbott: you're darn right I am

Todd: do you have standing?

Abbott: yes because Texas borders
a poor and hostile land filled with
people desperate to escape for a better life

Todd: enough about Oklahoma

Abbott: Obama did deferment and
streams of dangerous refugee
children came to Texas and ruined it

Todd: but those kids were caught
at the border and most were deported

Abbott: some were not

Todd: but most were

Abbott: I have no idea –
but there are illegal kids in our schools

Todd: I've read if illegal immigrants
left Texas it would cause a recession
worse than the last one Republicans caused

Abbott: the point is Obama is a dictator

Todd: George W. Bush says
illegal immigrants represent family values

Abbott: my wife is hispanic

Todd: es ella caliente?

Abbott: Obama is an Emperor!

Todd: is illegal immigration
good for Texas?

Abbott: no it's not

Todd: but it's good for
the Texas economy?

Abbott: Americans are tied
of the President failing to act!

Todd: you're suing him for acting

Abbott: except for that

Todd: what do you mean
by secure the border?

Abbott: where no one
ever crosses illegally

Todd: like everyone?

Abbott: yes zero

Todd: that sounds
a tad unrealistic

Abbott: I'm a dreamer

Abbott: which crazy Texan
do you support for President?

Abbott: all of them

[ break ]

Todd: panel what about immigration

Santelli: we should turn border
security over to Google

Todd: you seem smart

Santelli: me is smart

Todd: what if the House
GOP passed laws and stuff?

Walter: or even said what they support

Todd: that's crazy talk

Walter: the GOP House doesn't
reflect the people of America

Santelli: they just elected them!

Walter: no voters in 
gerrymandered districts did

Santelli: those are the rules

Walter: well the rules are rigged

Todd: Jeb and Hillary are trying to look authentic

Stanton: Hillary Clinton is 
not a real human being

Todd: she's had secret service
protection for 22 years like a cyborg

Todd: what about 2016

Reed: the results of that election
will depend on how crazy the GOP

Todd: Jeb Bush is so authentic he
even supports common core which
sounds like communism

Santelli: who gives a shit about Common Core
teachers are poor and annoying

Todd: liberals want me to point out the
economy is doing well under Obama

Santelli: don't get too excited –
there are still poor billionaires
who need a tax cut

Reed: we've had a record 51 straight
months of job growth – it's fantastic news

Santelli: that's in spite of Obama
not because of him

Reed: that's not what you said
when Bush was President motherfucker

[ side eye ]

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press