Sunday, May 04, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – May 4, 2014

Jon Karl
Ryan Smith
Muhammad Lila
Martha Raddatz
Jeff Zeleny
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Cokie Roberts
Van Jones
David Plouffe
Rick Santorum
Laura Ingraham

Stephanopoulos: what's up with the Clippers?

Smith: they have a racist owner
but won a playoff game last night

Walters: is Sterling a racist?

Stiviano: no

Walters: really?

Smith: Sterling settled a racism 
lawsuit for $2.7 million bu
who among hasn't been 
sued for discrimination?

Stephanopoulos: right

Smith: also lots of people
think its fine to discriminate
against African-Americans in housing

Stephanopoulos: lots of white people

Whitlock: he's a racist but it was
a private conversation – it's a joke!

Stephanopoulos: Kareem you call this
the finger-wagging Olympics

Abdul-Jabbar: yes

Stephanopoulos: you worked with
Don Sterling many years ago

Abdul-Jabbar: he was gracious and he
even invited me to a wedding but I
should have known something was
up when he made me sit in the back

Stephanopoulos: can they force him out?

Abdul-Jabbar: probably

Stephanopoulos: did the NBA turn
a blind eye to his actions?

Abdul-Jabbar: more white people
believe in ghosts than in racists

Stephanopoulos: in the Lincoln 
bedroom you can see both

Abdul-Jabbar: that's why we have
ghostbusters and not racebusters

Stephanopoulos: who you gonna call?

Abdul-Jabbar: ghost face killa?

Stephanopoulos: how do we combat racism?

Abdul-Jabbar: speak up

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: what's going on Ukraine?

Lila: pro-Russian activists are
clashing with troops – its a civil war

Stephanopoulos: sounds bad

Lila: Putin is demanding Ukrainian
troops retreat from Ukraine

Stephanopoulos: Martha will Vlad invade?

Raddatz: probably yes

Stephanopoulos: this is an 
attack on America!

Karl: the US wants more sanctions
but Europe is more like 'meh'

Stephanopoulos: what about Benghazi?

Karl: Republicans think there was a cover-up

Raddatz: Gen. Lovell said we should
have sent troops to Benghazi but it
wouldn't have helped anyway

Stephanopoulos: how can we
prevent another Benghazi?

Raddatz: U.S. troops are training
to defend consulates all over the world

Stephanopoulos: amazing

Raddatz: americans are threatened
everywhere but we can't hide behind
walls and barbed wire

Stephanopoulos: why not?

Raddatz: troops practice with car 
bombs, machine guns, and helicopters

Stephanopoulos: thanks martha

Zeleny: you use humor selectively

Franken: it's who I am

Zeleny: you became a serious person

Franken: I was always a serious person
funny people often are

Zeleny: you won by only 312 votes

Franken: I needed to prove I was a
Senator for all the people of the state

Zeleny: could you mock yourself?

Franken: I could try

Zeleny: is it hard to run as a
Democrat in the Obama era?

Franken: not at all

Zeleny: but Obamacare!

Franken: so the rollout was bad – big deal

Zeleny: you oppose big corporate mergers

Franken: like Comcast-Time Warner
what a disaster

Zeleny: Farmers like you know

Franken: I farmed corn!

Zeleny: you were a comedian
and now you're a Senator

Franken: this is a good job but
its fun to make people laugh

Stephanopoulos: Plouffe you're
on the Benghazi e-mail!

Plouffe: the GOP are politicizing a
tragedy and we need to get the
killers like we got Osama bin Laden!

Ingraham: no wonder Obama won
in 2008 – this guy is good

Roberts: both sides are too blame

Ingraham: the American people want
Obama prosecuted and put in prison!

Jones: if this was a cover-up you
wouldn't be reading this e-mail at all

Stephanopoulos: Rick you seem smart
what do you think?

Santorum: Republicans think Congress
hasn't investigated Benghazi enough

Plouffe: oh course

Santorum: Trey Gowdy is highly respected

Plouffe: by who – crazy people?

Santorum: yes

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