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Meet The Press – May 4, 2014

Mayor Kevin Johnson (D-Sacramento)
Advisor, National Basketball  
Players Association
Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)
Anita Dunn
Kathleen Parker
Chuck Todd

Gregory: OMG at the White House
Correspondents Dinner Obama went after Fox

Obama: Fox, you will miss me when
I'm gone – it will be harder to convince
people Hillary was born in Kenya

Gregory: Obama tipped his hand for 2016!

Todd: die hard Biden supporters 
were pissed last night!!

Parker: they'll both get over it

Todd: ha

Gregory: Obama mocked Joe Biden!

Parker: he's easy to mock

Todd: although he had a good
skit with Julia Louis Dreyfuss we live in a twitter society
it's a sad sad ADD world

Gregory: Obama cleverly made
fun of his own foibles

Chaffetz: even I have to admit
Obama is very funny

Gregory: is the race for 2016 over?

Dunn: no one gets the nomination
handed to them – although Hillary is close

Gregory: holy crap the NBA
banned Don Sterling for life!

Gregory: Kevin what happens next?

Johnson: the players spoke with
one strong voice and Commissioner
Silver did the right thing

Gregory: impressive – what's next?

Johnson: we'd like to see a
unanimous vote to strip Sterling
of his ownership

Gregory: do you expect a legal fight?

Johnson: maybe but he should accept
the punishment and spend his
life proving he's not a racist

Gregory: he's going to
need more time than that

Johnson: good point

Gregory: some players say they
should refuse to play until Sterling is out

Silver: the players had a long list of demands
and Silver exceeded all those expectations
in 72 hours – that's pretty damn good

Gregory: but should Sterling be out immediately?

Johnson: he will have to sell the team 
– just be patient

Gregory: did you experience 
racism in the NBA?

Johnson: sports can be a force 
for good – look at Jackie Robinson

Gregory: but are other owners racist?

Johnson: when I was with the Phoenix Suns
the state rescinded the MLK holiday –
I mean who disses Martin like that??

Gregory: I dunno

Johnson: but the team owner stepped up

Gregory: can Sterling be redeemed?

Johnson: he should apologize,
accept the sanctions and prove
he's not a racist

Gregory: but the release of his
private conversation is a bit sleazy

Johnson: good point but the racist
cat is out of the bad

Gregory: should the Redskins 
team name be changed?

Johnson: sure – the NBA acted swiftly
and decisively proving Roger Goddell
is an even bigger weasel than we thought

Gregory: how can California stop jobs from going to Texas?

Johnson: fewer regulations

Gregory: is Jerry Brown doing enough?

Johnson: we can always do more

[ breaks ]

Gregory: so it turns out Oklahoma can't
even kill a guy without fucking it up

Obama: we have to ask ourselves
difficult questions about how we as
nation can more effectively kill people

Gregory: welcome Governor Perry

Perry: hi David – do you 
like my hipster glasses?

Gregory: Rick you have 273 people
waiting to be executed – is this
botched execution a problem?

Perry: the death penalty is great
and we do it very well in Texas

Gregory: was the Oklahoma n
on-execution inhumane?

Perry: it was botched – that's bad enough

Gregory: you agree that even a very
bad guy should not be killed this way

Perry: right – the state should tazer and
strap people down and kill them humanely

Gregory: since Oklahoma screwed it up
should we take a pause on the death penalty?

Perry: Obama always looks for
a one-sized fits all solution on everything

Gregory: what about the Obama
economic recovery?

Perry: Obama should create jobs!

Gregory: he would say he is doing that

Perry: it's simple – cut taxes, eliminate
regulations, stop lawsuits and build schools

Gregory: I see

Perry: also Obamacare caused the recession

Gregory: your state has a high
percentage of poor people

Perry: so does California

Gregory: Pawlenty says the
minimum wage should be raised

Perry: how about a maximum wage?

Gregory: I'd like that

Perry: most people at MSNBC started
at the bottom and worked their way

Gregory: like Luke Russert

Perry: Texas is creating jobs!

Gregory: impressive

Perry: we're creating wealth

Gregory: are you going to run in
2016 after a botched effort in 2012?

Perry: I agree – I screwed up in 2012

Gregory: what went wrong

Perry: the point is we have to make America competitive

Gregory: how can we get a Republican in the White House?

Perry: I want to get women in jobs

Gregory: I see

Perry: our best plan is to make
the rest of America look more
like Florida and Louisiana

Gregory: is there room for Rick Perry
and Ted Cruz and a Bush

Perry: everything is bigger in Texas!

Gregory: awesome

[ break ]

Gregory: I have just been informed
we are going to spend the six months
talking about Benghazi again

Audience: yay

Gregory: please bash Obama for me

Chaffetz: the video did not cause the attack!

Gregory: but that's not what they said

Chaffetz: but the video!

Gregory: they tried Obama look good

Dunn: it's not a smoking gun 
– it's a water pistol

Gregory: good line Anita

Dunn: Republicans are conspiracy nuts

Parker: the White House discussed
Benghazi talking points – oh my god

Gregory: the alleged scandal is that
the White House didn't want to
admit terrorism exists

Todd: or that four people died or it
was a secret CIA outpost – it's a bit
confusing what the scandal is supposed to be

Gregory: right

Todd: so supposedly the White House
knew it was a terror attack and 
decided to lie about it except for 
the next day and also two days 
later called it a terrorist attack

Gregory: that's a pretty bad cover up

Chaffetz: the White House lied about
whether it was a terror attack!

Gregory: not really

Chaffetz: the Taliban are in the State Department!

Parker: what??

Chaffetz: yes!

Parker: the White House waited a
few hours to call it a terror attack
to fix the 2012 election!

Dunn: oh for god's sake

Gregory: will this hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Dunn: no

Chaffetz: Hillary Clinton caused
an attack on an American consulate
and four people died!

Gregory: people don't want
America involved overseas! I was in Brazil and India and
they have technology but people in
my neighborhoods don't go to Harvard
people in India go to Harvard

Gregory: well put will I am also we have many
black people in prison

Parker: it turns out people in other
countries are actual human beings –
but they still need to be saved by
unemployed teens from America

Todd: it's all about economics

Gregory: even Republicans are wary
of getting involved in war overseas now
that Obama is President

Chaffetz: Obama is weak and has no
credibility – if only he started more wars
there would be more peace

Gregory: you're a genius

Chaffetz: also Obama caused
the recession in 2007 why not keep all the
jobs in america?! I don't get it at all!

Chaffetz: we need science but 
we need the arts too

Gregory: how enlightened of you

Chaffetz: we just need to abolish
the federal Department of Education
and Utah can have the best 
schools in the world! so why don't you just do it?

Gregory: millennials approve of Obama
by 53% to 40% but there is significant
disapproval of Obama

Todd: they really hate the Republicans
which is make or break for the Democrats

Gregory: right!

Todd: but I must point out that
Obama is still popular among young people

Gregory: no he isn't!

Todd: your own poll said he was

Gregory: but there is great disappointment
they clearly hate Obama don't they no they don't Fluffy

Chaffetz: the reason millennials hate Obama
is because he caused the recession in 2007 why can't young
Americans make electronics?

Chaffetz: the EPA is killing jobs! really?

Chaffetz: after decades of mocking
the ACLU and illegal wiretapping
under George W. Bush Republicans
can seize the issue of privacy!

Dunn: this whole conversations is idiotic

Gregory: but it's fun!

[ break ]

Gregory: so panel how was the
White House Correspondents dinner?

Parker: the President's timing is
impeccable of course and Joel
McHale at least took chances

Todd: he pushed the envelope but
people in Washington need permission to laugh

Gregory: is the Dinner corruption in action? I'm used to the Grammys
which is like the White House Correspondents
Dinner but has fewer celebrities
and is even more ridiculous

Gregory: well said

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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