Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – April 13, 2015

Alex Marquadt
Dan Harris
Jon Karl
Samantha Power (U.S. Amb. to the U.N.)
Sen. Ron Paul (R-KY)
Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)
Robert Reich
Ana Navarro
James Carville
Matthew Dowd
Laura Ingraham

Stephanopoulos: wow war
might break out in Ukraine!

Marquardt: Ukraine call
pro-Russia forces terrorists

Stephanopoulos: ballsy

Marquardt: and there are dead
and wounded on both sides

Stephanopoulos: scary

Marquardt: anti-government pro-russia
guys have seized government buildings

Stephanopoulos: shit's getting real

Marquardt: but they are wearing
the same Russian uniforms

Stephanopoulos: oops

Marquardt: also Russia is warning Ukraine
not to crack down on people attacking
government buildings

Stephanopoulos: sounds reasonable

Raddatz: the U.S. is worried that
Russia is going to invent an excuse
to invade the rest of Ukraine

Stephanopoulos: I heard the head
of the CIA is in Kiev

Raddatz: this is how it starts George

Stephanopoulos: Indeed

Raddatz: the CIA is not officially in Kiev

Stephanopoulos: Is Russia going
to invade Ukraine?

Power: it sure looks like it George

Stephanopoulos: so how can the
U.S. stop Russia

Power: we can crush the ruble

Stephanopoulos: what else

Power: we could stop buying their natural gas

Stephanopoulos: does Putin really
want the rest of Ukraine?

Power: he words say they
don't but his actions say yes

Stephanopoulos: so what now?

Power: fuck 'em

Stephanopoulos: will talks go forward?

Power: not if he invades Kiev

Stephanopoulos: is America going
to ban the Iran envoy to the UN?

Power: we might

Stephanopoulos: we can do that just
because we host the UN headquarters?

Power: that's right

Stephanopoulos: but he served in
Italy and Austria

Power: I don't care Stephy

Stephanopoulos: but we're in the middle
of delicate negotiations with Iran

Power: all the more reason
for them to back down

Stephanopoulos: who committed
the latest war crime in Syria?

Power: we're looking into it

Stephanopoulos: don't we have
to bomb Assad now?

Power: we're not ruling it out

Stephanopoulos: thanks Samantha

Stephanopoulos: Dan what's going on?

Harris: wow it's been a year
since the Boston bombing

Stephanopoulos: yes

Harris: there were stories of heroism
and Boston Strong and Big Papi
this is our fucking city

Stephanopoulos: awesome

Harris: but there may have been
missed signals and now Boston
says We Run Together

Stephanopoulos: welcome Deval Patrick

Patrick: nice to see you George

Stephanopoulos: are you confident
the race will be secure?

Patrick: we're doing our best

Stephanopoulos: good

Patrick: but it still have to be
fun day for everyone

Stephanopoulos: are you worried
about a copycat?

Patrick: hey you never know

Stephanopoulos: FBI should have
followed Tsarnaev around 24 hours a day

Patrick: hindsight is easy especially in retrospect

Stephanopoulos: true

Patrick: I prefer to think about
how Boston hung tough together

Stephanopoulos: great

Patrick: it's going to be a solemn
occasion but a celebration too

Stephanopoulos: up next –
is Rand Paul the next new maverick?

Stephanopoulos: wow he's 
a libertarian firebrand!!

Karl: tell some hard truths –
are you the front runner for the Presidency?

Paul: I am pretty awesome

Karl: why do black people hate the GOP?

Paul: I don't know – Democrats never
do anything for black people

Paul: I went to Detroit and offered
to give them a billion dollars and
those ingrates didn't want it

Karl: you offered them a billion in
tax cuts for rich people

Paul: it's still a good idea

Karl: do you agree that Jeb Bush
that illegal immigrants are
loving examples of the human species?

Paul: they are not bad people but
we shouldn't let them in anyway

Karl: the GOP vilifies immigrants

Paul: well they break the law

Karl: do you really believe
Dick Cheney only wanted to
invade Iraq because of money?

Paul: no

Karl: well you said it

Paul: no no – but he did have
a conflict of interest

Karl: Liz Cheney said you get
your ideas from Rachel Maddow

Paul: that's pretty funny

Karl: on foreign affairs you
sound like a lefty isolationist

Paul: no I'm like Ronald Reagan

Karl: Reagan spent a lot on defense
and you want to cut defense spending

Paul: no just not increasing it too much

Karl: oh come on

Paul: well we have a big debt

Karl: what about Iran getting
a nuclear weapon

Paul: I voted for sanctions but
we can't have a war with Iran

Karl: could the U.S. live with
Iran having nukes?

Paul: it would be dumb to say
yes to that in advance

Karl: but could the US live with it?

Paul: of course

Karl: does your wife support
your running for President?

Paul: I'm working on her

Karl: good luck

Stephanopoulos: what's the deal with Rand?

Dowd: he needs the three Ps –
he's gotten the passion and policy
but not the probability

Stephanopoulos: ha

Ingraham: the big stars of of the GOP
right now are Paul, Huckabee and Cruz

Stephanopoulos: interesting

Ingraham: but only Paul peels off
women, young people and minorities

Carville: ya gotta nominate
someone who can win!

Stephanopoulos: that's logical

Carville: if the GOP loses another
Presidential election the GOP will be extinct!

Trump: the idea that immigrants
love each other is crazy

Navarro: Donald Trump is an idiot

Navarro: with Jeb Bush it's refreshing
to have a candidate who unlike
Romney doesn't lie all the time

Reich: no one knows anything
about Jeb Bush which is a good thing

Dowd: true but he had a really big problem

Stephanopoulos: what's that?

Dowd: his name is Bush

Stephanopoulos: good point

Dowd: the whole nation wants
to vote for Republicans

Ingraham: don't rule out Donald Trump!

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