Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – March 23, 2014

Host: Martha Raddatz
David Wright
David Curley
Steve Ganyard
Tom Farrey
Alex Marquadt
Jon Karl
Andrii Deshchytsia – Ukraine Foreign Minister
Ramogi Huma – President College 
Players Association
Horace Mitchell
Donna Lopiano
Christine Brennan
Joe Nocera

Raddatz: David any sign of that 
missing plane yet?

Wright: Martha I just spent 10 hours
flying around and we didn't see
anything except some giant squid,
mermaids and a lost civilization

Raddatz: better luck next time

Wright: the search area is the size of Texas

Raddatz: this is just like the movie 'Castaway'

Wright: Martha the plane could be
deeper than the Titanic

Raddatz: the effects were good but
the screenplay was pretty shallow

Wright: I cannot stress how remote
this is – it's really really isolated

Raddatz: like the upper East side?

Wright: more like Fort Tryon

Raddatz: oh my god

Commander Marks: we can see an
object the size of a volleyball

Raddatz: Wiilsonnn!!

Marks: on the other hand we are
scanning an area the size of
from New York to California

Ganyard: the good news is we're now
searching an area only the size of Texas

Raddatz: that's the good news?

Ganyard: the bad news is the plane
is at the bottom of the ocean

Curley: if we find we debris we
may be able to prove it came
from an airplane

Raddatz: what else?

Curley: the cockpit voice recorder 
is likely blank

Raddatz: why did this plane crash?

Ganyard: no one has any idea Martha

Raddatz: what lessons can we 
learn from all this?

Ganyard: try to crash where 
people can find you

[ break ]

Raddatz: what's going on in Ukraine?

Marquadt: Russia has taken Crimea by force

Raddatz: wow

Marquadt: now Putin is massing troops 
near eastern Ukraine

Karl: Obama is meeting with other world leaders to pressure Russia

Raddatz: Remember the Cold War?
Childhood nightmares, hiding under 
your desk, massive nukes, mutually 
assured destruction, Dr. Stranglelove, 
Cuba, Berlin, the Hunt for Red October

Audience: such good times

Raddatz: is this a new Cold War?

Roger Cohen: I don't want to be
alarmist but this is just like 1945

General Cartwright: this is serious!

Raddatz: but this is not the old Cold War

Audience: you just said it was

Raddatz: no it's Cold War Part II 
– The Revenge

Putin: Russia sad after end of Soviet Empire!
Now Russia come back strong!

Cohen: Putin only understands
the language of force

Obama: we will isolate Putin!

Raddatz: will Russia invade 
the rest of Ukraine?

Deshchytsia: We are ready 
defend the homeland!!

Raddatz: what does that mean?

Deshchytsia: we will stop the Russians!

Raddatz: what are the chances for war?

Deshchytsia: very high

Raddatz: wow

Raddatz: should college basketball
players get paid?

Huma: the players are being
taken advantage of

Farrey: the players have 
filed a lawsuit

Huma: they should be 
treated as employees

Farrey: but they're students

Huma: no they are given scholarships
in exchange for work – that's an employee

Farrey: okay

Huma: they spend a lot of time in practice

Lopiano: fans can only enjoy watching
if they know students are doing it for free

Raddatz: we have both sides of the debate!

Nocera: it's a multi-billion dollar business
with a free labor force – it's wrong!

Brennan: but Title IX!

Raddatz: you mean women athletes

Brennan: right – if you pay the men you
have to pay the field hockey players

Nocera: no it's different – NCAA 
basketball and football players 
are basically professional athletes

Raddatz: should you really lose
your scholarship if you get hurt?
Isn't that morally reprehensible?

Nocera: yes but you have to
understand the NCAA is evil

Raddatz: I've heard that

Nocera: other students can get a job
why not athletes

Raddatz: but fans can't enjoy the sport
if they know players are treated fairly

Brennan: that's very true

Nocera: oh bullshit

Raddatz: thanks for coming