Sunday, October 07, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - October 7, 2012

Ed Gillepsie
Robert Gibbs
Paul Krugman
Peggy Noonan
James Carville
Mary Matalin
Jonathan Karl
Stephanopoulos: holy crap Romney
has momentum!

Gibbs: Romney was masterful but
he also lied his ass off

Stephanopoulos: what went wrong
with Obama?

Gibbs: he can prepared to not-debate
one version of Romney and another
one showed up

Stephanopoulos: Romney says Obama
is the one who is lying

Gibbs: I call that IMAX Romney
for pure projection

Stephanopoulos: Romney says he
won’t cut taxes for the rich

Gibbs: yeah I’ve heard that before

Stephanopoulos: he made a good case
for himself as a strong leader

Gibbs: he’s taken the battle to Sesame Street
and let Wall Street run wild

Stephanopoulos: Joe Biden says the
middle class has been buried the last four years

Gibbs: that’s true

Stephanopoulos: it sounds he’s
saying Obama failed

Gibbs: it was GOP policies that caused
the problem in the first place

Stephanopoulos: is there pressure on
Biden to not suck

Gibbs: I want to see how much Paul Ryan lies

Stephanopoulos: will Obama kick ass
in the next debate?

Gibbs: you bet he will Fluffy

Stephanopoulos: Welcome Ed did Romney
lie in the debate?

Gillespie: Obama is a like a child and
Romney is a daddy

Stephanopoulos: I see

Gillespie: Romney will provide jobs,
health care, cut taxes and cut the debt

Stephanopoulos: will he cut taxes for
the rich or not

Gillespie: He will cut taxes and get rid
of deductions used by the rich
so the rich will end up paying more

Stephanopoulos: you can’t do that

Gillespie: yes you can

Stephanopoulos: if you couldn’t then
would he scale back the tax cuts?

Gillespie: Tip O’Neill!

Stephanopoulos: what

Gillespie: also we will cut deficit!

Stephanopoulos: you’re only targeting Big Bird

Gillespie: not just him - also Oscar the grouch

Stephanopoulos: he already lives in a garbage can

Gillespie: this is an important point -
it’s a penny borrowed from China

Stephanopoulos: I see

Gillespie: you have to make tough choices
- this will save 0.01 percent of the budget!

Stephanopoulos: did Obama make
up fake unemployment numbers
like Jack Welch said

Gillespie: yes they are unbelievably fantastic
also they are so disappointing they prove
the economy is doing badly and Obama has failed

Stephanopoulos: is Romney going to
win the election

Gillespie: 70 million Americans saw the
real Mitt Romney - a liberal with no
specific policies or plans

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Peggy you bashed
Mitt Romney last week and now you
say Obama sucked

Noonan: Barack is man of mystery

Krugman: this is classic Obama - he
barely went after McCain in 2008

Carville: he really didn’t want to be there -
he wanted to spend the evening giving a
order to kill and terrorist and making love to his wife

Karl: was it some kind of strategy to not
bring up Social Security

Matalin: maybe Obama’s just stupid

Stephanopoulos: and where as his flag pin?!?

Matalin: this is the worst recovery ever

Krugman: that isn’t true

Matalin: has there ever been a worse recovery

Krugman: of course this actually is a
better than average recovery after
a financial crisis

Matalin: this has been worse recovery -
there has been no job growth whatsoever

Krugman: that’s completely untrue

Matalin: who cares!

Krugman: even his advisors say he lied

Stephanopoulos: that was so awesome
Krugman: as long Romney lies forcefully
the media will be impressed

Karl: Obama lied too!

Krugman: oy vey


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